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Pretty Boy Detective Club’s New Trailer Teases April Debut and Cast

Pretty Boy Detective Club believes in solving cases in style. Mysteries do matter but so do the aesthetics in this all-new detective anime! A recently released trailer has revealed more information about the upcoming anime.

A secretive club in a prestigious school, what is their purpose? With some gorgeous guys as members of the club, they cause more mishaps than they can solve.

Can they help Mayumi Dojima, a girl who has lost something precious to her?

The official website of Pretty Boy Detective Club has released a new trailer for the upcoming anime. The anime will premiere on 10th April on the ANiMAZiNG block of ABC TV and TV Asahi.

★ 1st PV release ★

The first PV of the TV anime “Pretty Boy Detective Club” has been released! In addition, the ban on 5 cast members of the Detective Boys has been lifted!

From 2021.4.10 Every Saturday from 2:00 midnight

Broadcast on ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide (“ANiMAZiNG !!!” frame)

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Nisio Isin Anime Project latest work “Pretty Boy Detective Club” 1st PV

The new trailer teases the personality of each member. All the members are pretty as well as handsome. They know how to captivate the hearts of others, but that is to be expected from a club with the word “Pretty” in its name.

However, they solve only those cases that they think are beautiful enough for them to work on. The anime so far reminds us of Ouran High School Host Club but with a mystery-solving twist to the plot.

Five main cast members of the anime have also been revealed through the trailer:

CharacterCastOther Works
Manabu SotoinAyumu MuraseShoyo Hinata (Haikyu!!)
Nagahiro SakaguchiTaito BanShaomin (Flavors of Youth)
Michuru FukuroiToshiki MasudaEijiro Kirishima (My Hero Academia)
Hyota AshikagaShougo YanoMafuyu Sato (Given)
Sosaku YubiwaGen SatoChrome (Dr. Stone)
Pretty Boy Detective Club’s New Trailer Teases April Debut & Cast
Pretty Boy Detective Club | Source: Fandom

Studio Shaft is animating the series and collaborating with Kodansha and Aniplex to present it. Nisio Isin, the author of the famous Monogatari series, is the original creator of the anime.

He has stated that the Pretty Boy Detective Club group was initially intended to appear in the Bokyaku Tantei series.

However, he realized that the group deserves an independent story of its own and that is how the new series came into being.

About Pretty Boy Detective Club

Pretty Boy Detective Club is a novel series by Nisio Isin and Kinako. The novel series was published from 2015-2019. It will get an anime adaptation in 2021.

It is a non-profit organization and only helps those who bring forth cases with beauty in them. Mayumi Doujima is a girl who needs help from the club members to find something dear to her.

Source: Official Website of Pretty Boy Detective Club

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