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Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai Goes on Half-Year Break After Releasing New Chapters

I can totally relate to leaving the world you belong in and going to another one for junk food. Elfuda in Plus-Sized Elf is stuck on Earth because the food here is simply irresistible! 

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Efluda has become overweight due to the continuous consumption of junk food. She is found by Naoe Tomoatsu, a massage therapist who agrees to help her lose weight.

Synecdoche announced on Twitter that Plus-Sized Elf will be going on a half-year-long hiatus due to the change in their publishers. The manga will no longer be published by Wani Books.

I have permitted to lose weight, so please report it.

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They revealed that the 46th and 47th chapters of the manga will be released on Synecdoche’s Twitter.

The manga will then go on a half-year break to prepare for the autumn comeback.

Chapter 45 was the last one that Wani Books published before their contract was terminated.

Synecdoche also revealed that they had a lot of discussions before this decision was finalized.

Elf can’t lose weight. Reservation 46 Goodbye mood

Etomu-san goes on a serious diet to save Naoe-kun, who was suddenly sentenced to a fire. However, being thin meant parting with Naoe…

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Chapter 46 of the manga is already up on Synecdoche’s Twitter, and the 47th will also be released soon. 

The details about the manga’s 8th compiled volume will be revealed when the ban on that information is lifted.

On May 2, Synecdoche updated fans that the manga is not over yet and will continue after the break.

It’s not the final episode

I’ll just continue

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Elf-san wa Yaserarenai is an ongoing manga launched in December 2016 by Synecdoche on Wani Books’ Comic Gum website.

Wani Books published the manga’s 7th compiled volume in October 2020. The details for the 8th compiled book will be revealed later.

Plus-Size Elf is a comedy and fantasy manga that revolves around issues such as being overweight, its consequences, and losing weight. There are instances where we can see how stressful issues related to one’s body can be.

Overall, it is a wholesome manga with incredible comic timing and just the correct elements of fantasy.

Plus-Size Elf is one manga you should check out!

Let’s hope the hiatus gets over soon, and we get new chapters soon.

About Plus-Sized Elf

Plus-Sized Elf is a seinen manga series by Synecdoche. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed it for English release.

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is about to head home for the day when he’s saddled with a rather strange patient.

This lovely lady has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and grew up in the forest–everything about her screams “elf,” except for one thing: her bodacious body.

It turns out she left her world but loves junk food in this one, and now her obsession has caught up with her. Can Naoe-kun help this loveable elf girl lose the weight–and keep it off?

Source: Synecdoche’s Twitter

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