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Plunderer Episode 16 Spoilers: Does Captain Alan Die In Plunderer?

The Plunderer manga was picked up by Geek Toys for an animated adaptation in 2018. It follows a girl, Hina, as her entire life changes upon meeting Licht Bach, the Legendary Ace/Flash Baron.

Episode 15 of the series, titled “The Army That Does Not Kill,” was released recently. The end of the episode contained a preview for episode 16, which teased the death of a character with its title – “The War of Waste Disposal! Alan Dies”. 

According to the manga, the teaser episode refers to an incident where Alan will get seriously injured, however, he won’t die as we have seen Captain Alan in the future.

Current Story (Ep. 15)

Episode 15 continues the exploration of Licth’s past in a Japanese Post-War Military School. Alexandrov Grigorovich, better known as Alan, makes his first appearance in the timeline from the past.

He catches Hina and group going through a series of videos given to them by a young Nana. After a brief standoff, he goes on to show the time travelers the world of the past, how all civilians fight and struggle for food supplies because there is no practical way to feed them. 

Since Licht is a crucial element in winning the waste war, Hina and the group have no idea how to save Licht and the Kingdom of Alcia at the same time. 

After a training session at the beach, the class establishes Rihito (Licht) as their captain to win this war as “The Army That Does Not Kill.”

plunderer episode 16

Soon after that, Schmelman receives a message from David, who warns them of an attack incoming for their school. With time being critical at this stage, they rush the Ace Surgery and choose Rihito as the prime candidate to undergo it.


Will Alan Die? What Happens?

In episode 16, the first day of the Waste/Abandonment War will begin. It will be revealed that all countries betrayed Japan and cast a secret vote in the Althing to nullify the war waging rule and the nuclear weapons rule.

In search of the “core” underneath the school, the ‘United Nations’ forces will come to attack. They will overwhelm the students with their weaponry as they are still in training.

During the attack, Alan will act to defend everyone from a bazooka attack. He will succeed. However, a big shard of glass will become lodged in his face. 

The teaser title of episode 16 likely refers to this incident. If that is the case, Alan will not die, this will actually be the source of his scar that we see in the future.

About Plunderer

Plunderer is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine on December 26, 2014.

The story starts in the 305th year of the Alcian calendar. The world is controlled by seemingly random numbers, with every person owning their own “Count.”

On a more in-depth look, it is discovered that a Count is a number decided by an arbitrary logic. If the Count drops to 0, you’re sent into the Abyss.

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