Say Goodbye to Handheld Controllers: Sony’s New PlayStation 5 VR Venture

Sony’s dive into the world of virtual reality is not a new feat in the gaming industry. Sony had successfully launched its first VR system back in 2016 and promised to better the user experience with each passing year. Now with the advanced technology and the newly launched PlayStation 5, it was time for the company to step up their VR game.

Sony had already planned out its new PSVR series with the introduction to a new type of controller. With a full immersive experience in mind, Sony plans on incorporating some new technology in their latest patent.

Now, the patent has also hinted on two user mechanized controllers to be used in PlayStation 5 VR that are completely different from the one being showcased as part of the new PSVR series.

Say Goodbye to Handheld Controllers: Sony’s New PlayStation 5 VR Venture
Sony’s Controller

Images shared in Sony’s controller patent shows, a hand sensor like mechanism being introduced. These finger tracking enabled controllers would not only revolutionize the world of gaming but take the gaming experience of PS5 a step further.

Say Goodbye to Handheld Controllers: Sony’s New PlayStation 5 VR Venture
Glove Mechanism

Another alternative to the finger sensors is the glove mechanism introduced in the patent. Each finger on the glove is shown to be attached to some flex sensors to track hand movements, and thus the movements would be reciprocated in the actual VR game.

Flex sensor might add the extra immersion factor required in the new Virtual Reality games. Who knows? We might even find ourselves in the virtual OASIS world like in the movie Ready Player One.

This awesome new finger tracking technology would definitely give Sony’s competitors a run for their money and bring more gaming enthusiasts to try their products.

Although we are quite unsure as to how things would pan out, the reception of the new PSVR spherical controllers would definitely be the deciding factor to continue this new venture.

About Sony

Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo. The company operates as one of the most comprehensive media companies on the planet and also holds the distinctions of being the largest video game console company and the second largest video game publisher in the world.

Its gaming and network services arm Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) is best known for producing the popular line of PlayStation consoles.

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