Pixar’s New Short Gives Carl from ‘Up’ a Heartwarming Conclusion

Fourteen years after we first met Carl Fredricksen in Up, Pixar has surprised us with a new short film that reveals his next chapter in life. 

Carl’s Date shows us how Carl finds love again after losing his beloved Ellie, and it’s a beautiful tribute to their bond. Up was a tearjerker that showed us the ups and downs of Carl and Ellie’s marriage and how Carl honored her memory by going on an adventure with a young boy named Russell. 

However, Up also left us wondering what happened to Carl after he fulfilled Ellie’s dream. In Carl’s Date, we see him take a brave step forward and go on his first date since Ellie’s death. 

Carl’s Date is a charming and touching short film that accompanies Pixar’s Elemental in theaters. It’s more than just a bonus feature; it’s a heartfelt sequel to Up that gives Carl the closure he deserves. 

The short shows us that Ellie would have wanted him to be happy and find companionship again and that love can bloom at any age.

Carl’s Date | Official Trailer

1. How Carl’s Date Changes Carl’s Fate

How Pixar’s New Short Gives Carl from Up a Heartwarming Conclusion
Edward Asner in Up (2009)

Carl’s Date is a delightful short that revisits the world of Up and gives Carl Fredricksen a fresh start and a brighter future. After his amazing journey to Paradise Falls, Carl adopts the lovable Dug and becomes a mentor to Russell, the adventurous kid who joined him. 

Up doesn’t show us what happens to Carl’s heart, which was broken by the loss of his beloved wife, Ellie. Thankfully, Carl’s Date fixes that, with Carl bravely stepping out of his comfort zone and trying to find love again. 

This changes everything for Carl, who was driven by Ellie’s memory throughout Up and opens new possibilities for him. Carl’s Date reveals a different side of Carl, one that is nervous, excited, and hopeful, unlike the grumpy and withdrawn old man we saw in Up. 

Carl’s Date shows us that Carl has moved on to a new phase in his life and is happier.

2. How Carl’s New Romance Honors Ellie’s Memory and Adventure

Carl’s Date is a story of love, loss, and hope. Carl is still haunted by the memory of his beloved wife, Ellie, who passed away some time ago. 

He feels guilty for wanting to date again as if he is betraying her. He hides her picture from his sight, afraid of her judgment. 

But, by the end of the short, he realizes that Ellie would want him to be happy and find love again. Carl knows that she will always have a special place in his heart, but he is ready to open it to someone new.

Ellie was a vibrant and adventurous woman who inspired Carl to follow his dreams and explore the world. 

We know that she would not want Carl to dwell on the past and ruin his present self. She would want him to enjoy life and make new connections, just like she did with him. 

Carl has already let go of many things that held him back and has embraced new challenges and opportunities. Ellie would be proud of him for doing that and finding someone to make him smile again.

3. Everything We Know About Carl’s Life After Up

How Pixar’s New Short Gives Carl from Up a Heartwarming Conclusion
Edward Asner, Bob Peterson, and Jordan Nagai in Up (2009)

Carl’s life after Up has been mostly a mystery, as the film had no sequels or spin-offs. However, some clues show how he has changed and grown in the past 14 years. 

One of the biggest changes is that he has a new family. He has adopted Dug, the loyal and lovable dog, who stays by his side in Carl’s Date. He has also become a mentor and a friend to Russell, the young Wilderness Explorer, who he supports and treats to ice cream. 

It is unclear how often they see each other at the time of Carl’s Date, but it is likely that they still have a strong bond.

Another major change is that he has a new home. He left his old home in Paradise Falls at the end of Up and now lives in the yellow house shown in Carl’s Date. 

He also seems to be more active and healthier. He runs and climbs stairs in Carl’s Date, which is surprising considering he used a walker and a stair lift in Up. 

He looks more cheerful and relaxed since his adventure with Ellie’s house, and Carl’s Date allows him to find love again.

4. Carl’s Date Reveals Alpha’s Fate After Up

How Pixar’s New Short Gives Carl from Up a Heartwarming Conclusion
Bob Peterson in Up (2009)

Carl’s Date also reveals what happened to Alpha after Up. Alpha is the evil Doberman Pinscher who leads the pack of dogs that work for Charles Muntz, the main antagonist of Up. 

Alpha and his crew try to capture Carl, Dug, Russell, and Kevin throughout the film, but their fate is unclear after the movie ends. The only clue is that Alpha is seen at Russell’s ceremony at the end of the film, but his whereabouts after that are unknown. 

The end credits of Up suggest that Alpha and the other dogs have found a new home at the Shady Oaks Retirement Home, but this may not be official.

The end credits of Up also show that Dug has a partner and a bunch of puppies which are absent in Carl’s Date, making it doubtful if Alpha’s ending is actually true. 

Carl’s Date clears up Alpha’s situation, with him being adopted by the woman Carl is dating. The other dogs that belonged to Muntz have also found new owners among the elderly, giving them a happy ending too. 

Although the canon status of Alpha is surprisingly complicated for a Pixar movie, it is good to have a definitive ending.

5. About Carl’s Date

Carl’s Date (formerly known as Dug Days: Carl’s Date) is a 2023 American computer-animated short film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, written and directed by Bob Peterson and produced by Kim Collins.

It stars the voices of Ed Asner (in one of his final roles) and Peterson. The short film follows Carl Fredricksen (Asner), who reluctantly goes on his first date since his late wife Ellie’s death, but he has no idea how dating works.

Originally scheduled to premiere on Disney+ as the sixth and final entry in the Dug Days series, Carl’s Date premiered in theaters on June 16, 2023, along with Pixar’s Elemental.

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