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Pikachu defeated another Legendary Pokemon

Despite being a cute and cuddly little beast, everyone in the Pokemon community knows how strong Ash's Pikachu really is. Pikachu has been a part of an extensive number of battles in the series' long journey and there's a chance that it's one of the strongest Pikachus ever. With 2 victories against Legendary Pokemons in the past, Pikachu has proved the power to his punch already. In the latest episode of Sun and Moon anime series, Pikachu takes it to the next level by taking down its third Legendary Pokemon, Gladion's Silvally. 

Ash has finally made it to the finals of the Alolan League Tournament and has begun his grandest match of the iteration with Gladion as his opponent.

Gladion's team consists of two major Legendary Pokemon, and with the help of his new Pokemon Melmetal, Ash's Pikachu managed to take down his grand opponent.

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Despite being a major factor in the battle against Silvally, Melmetal was not the one to finish it off with a final blow. This is where Ash shows his battle experience as a Pokemon trainer. As soon as their round begins, Ash uses a quick attack. However, Silvally can keep up with the speedy Pikachu and is able to counter every one of its moves. Ash has Pikachu fire an Electroweb on the wall in front of it to catch Silvally off guard.

Utilizing quick attack to bounce off the web, Pikachu gains speed from the ricochet and delivers a finisher Iron Tail with a tremendous amount of blunt force and speed. Unable to recover from this attack, Silvally is defeated and Pikachu ends up getting his third victory against a Legendary Pokemon in the bag.

This has gotten some criticism from the Pokemon community as the battle seemed too short for many, downplaying the effort made by Melmetal. This is because they are comparing it to Pikachu's other Legendary victories over Brandon's Regice and the draw against Tobias' Latios, and this one seems minor in comparison. But with this Legendary victory, the evidence is also seemingly gathering for a possible retiring of Ash's character overall, which renders the whole argument moot.

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