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Ya Boy Kongming! Manga Receives an Anime Adaptation for April 2022

Ya Boy Kongming! is a weird yet entertaining blend of ancient history and the modern-day world heavily influenced by pop culture.

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The story brings the most famous strategist from ancient China to the world of EDMs, clubs, smartphones, and more.

The protagonists, Liang Zhuge or Kongming and Eiko Tsukumi, are from two different eras yet find solace in each other’s presence. Both of them are full of ambition and talent that brings out the best in the other.

For instance, Kongming can help Eiko reach more audiences while the latter’s melodious singing helps calm the former’s heart.

The manga is popular for many reasons, like Yuto Yotsuba’s refreshing storyline and depth in the characters and artist Ryo Ogawa’s mesmerizing visuals. The series comes with some good news as it’s now finally getting an anime.

Comedy manga Ya Boy Kongming! has announced its much-anticipated anime adaptation for April 2022. The franchise has released a PV and a visual for the same, and further details will be revealed soon.

TV anime “Paripi Komei” teaser PV

The PV features Eiko and Kongming when they first met and how the young singer brought the ancient war strategist home after he passed out.

Kongming was captivated by Eiko’s singing while she only thought of herself as an amateur.

As they both share their feelings and aspirations, Kongming pledges to make Eiko’s dreams come true so that she doesn’t give up. At that moment, the usually shy and reserved Eiko got a wave of courage and decided to continue.

The key visual portrays Kongming and Eiko in the modern-day Japanese street as he reaches out his hand to Eiko, indicating that he will help and support her.

\\ Important announcement ② //

TV animation #Paripi Komei teaser visual released

Zhuge Liang reincarnated in Shibuya! !!

Komei and Eiko meet.

A newly drawn teaser visual that captures the moment when the feelings of Komei and Eiko intersect

Change the world with you.

#PAWORKS #Kaede Hondo #Ryotaro Okiayu

Twitter Translation, English Translate

The cast for the upcoming anime was also revealed, and we have it all listed right here for you:

CharacterCastOther Works
Liang Zhuge/KongmingRyotaro OkiayuByakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)
Eiko TsukumiKaede HondoHina Tomi (Kakushigoto)
Ya Boy Kongming! Manga Receives an Anime Adaptation for April 2022
Eiko Tsukumi | Source: Crunchyroll

The franchise also revealed the staff working on the anime:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorOsamu HonmaFairy Gone
Series CompositionYoko YonaiyamaUma Musume Pretty Derby
Character DesignKanami SekiguchiShirobako
MusicGenki HikotaYuri!!! On Ice
Animation StudioP.A. WorksTari Tari

The manga is pretty engaging, and after looking at the PV and the impeccable animation, I am sure it will rock the charts with its release.

I am excited about this upcoming release, and you should be too!

About Ya Boy Kongming!

Ya Boy Kongming! is a comedy manga written by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryo Ogawa and started serialization on Kodansha’s Comic Days website in December 2019.

The story features a war strategist from ancient China, Liang Zhuge or Kongming, transported to modern-day Japan while on his deathbed. In the modern world, Kongming encounters Eiko Tsukumi and becomes a fan of her singing. Kongming promises Eiko that he will make her dreams come true to stop her from quitting.

Source: Ya Boy Kongming! Anime Official Website

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