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Overlord Season 4 Episode 10, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Episode 9 of Overlord season 4 is titled ‘Countdown to Extinction,’ In an attempt to break the devastating news to E-Rantel’s nobles and king, Albedo meets with both.

To ensure that he sends a clear message to other kingdoms within the region and to the kingdoms that attacked his food carriages, Ainz plans a strategy.

Here are the latest updates.

Episode 10 Speculation

By the end of the previous episode, as a result of the destruction of the Death Knight and Death Warrior, the committee was in shock. It was not surprising to Ainz since such things were bound to happen.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Overlord | Source: Official Website

There will be another war in the upcoming episode after Ainz announces in front of everyone. As soon as the announcement comes, I can witness more fights by myself and see what the outcome may be.

Episode 10 Release Date

Episode 10 of the Overlord IV anime has been released on Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022.

I. Is Overlord on Break This Week?

No, episode 10 of Overlord IV is not on break this week. The episode will be released as per schedule.

Episode 9 Recap

Albedo meets the king and the nobles immediately after arriving at the E-Rantel kingdom, who have just discussed the possible repercussions of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s attack on the Theocracy’s food carriages.

In response to Albedo’s appearance, the king immediately apologizes and offers to put his own life on the line to prevent the situation from escalating further. It is too late for him to plead for forgiveness, for Albedo informs him that Ainz is preparing to wage war against the E-Rantel.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Albedo | Source: Official Website

The Sorcerer’s kingdom will show no mercy after a month of preparation for the war, which Ainz has ordered. In an address to his companions after 30-days, Ainz praises their efforts.

During the battle planning, Demiurge and Albedo played a pivotal role. Some of his companions are confused when he states that he won’t fully exterminate the citizens of E-Rantel. They ask Ainz for an explanation, but he declines.

The Sorcerer Kingdom could advance only with the support of humans, according to Ainz’s memories of meeting Nigredo. So it doesn’t seem wise to kill them all senselessly. Despite Ainz’s agreement with her, he decides to leave as few survivors as possible to reduce the chance of the undead defeating humans.

The Sorcerer Kingdom has a chance to gain a strategic advantage by invading E-Naeul now that the period given to E-Rantel is over. In an attempt to continue the invasion of E-Rantel and destroy another city, Ainz sends the dark knights and death warriors to the port city of E-Naeul.

While the army marches toward the city, the king seems unconcerned. While standing at the watch tower with him, Mithril tells a mithril adventurer of the Four Armaments that surrender may not be an option for him.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Overlord | Source: Official Website

He reminds her that the Sorcerer Kingdom has only attacked a few times so far, so it is easy to run away with his family.

His escape is, therefore, unlikely to succeed. It is unusual for adventurers to oppose a kingdom during a war, but this time they plan to do so because E-Rantel is fighting the undead.

The Five-Colored Holy Sword is one of the things that Lillyette (one of the mithril adventurers) desires from the king when he addresses the rest of the adventurers and his warriors.

For Lillyette to get her hands on its blade, the king tells her that she must become the concubine of his third son to get it. Even though he presents Lillyette with abnormal conditions, she accepts them without hesitation. The undead finally reaches the city, and the battle begins a few minutes later.

As soon as E-Naeul’s archers are in the range of the undead, they begin their attack on them. Despite its devastating effects, a few enemies are destroyed by the soldiers. Nevertheless, a few minutes later, the dark warriors leap into action.

Their attacks were thwarted by the magic casters waiting for them, who used their powers before they could do much damage. The mithril adventurer uses a fireball while his fireball fails to affect the dark warriors.

The dark soldiers fighting for E-Naeul are almost unchanged, while the dark warriors emerge practically untouched from the fire. The mithril adventurers confront the unbeatable dark warrior by taking the ground instead of the high environment.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
E-Naeul | Source: Fandom

Even though they try their best, they cannot stand a chance against the dark warriors until someone from the sky shoots them down quickly. E-Rantel’s kingdom was also being fought for by an adamantine adventurer of the Vermillion Drop.

Consequently, the invasion of E-Naeul does not succeed for the dark knights and the dark warriors.

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