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Original Mystery Anime Sore dake ga Neck Releases This Fall

The official website and Twitter account for the original TV anime series titled, “Sore Dake ga Neck”  announced its release date as the 12th of October, 2020.

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The series is being produced by Toho Interactive Animation in collaboration with studio Aqua. A.I.R also conveyed this exciting information on its official Twitter account.

The series is focused on modern-day communication. It takes place in a somehow omnipresent convenience store.

The show follows the mystery that is the main character Muto, a suspicious convenience store clerk who doesn’t know how to talk properly. 

The series aims to illuminate the problems that occur with modern communication.

Here’s a little introduction for the cast members for “Sore Dake ga Neck”

The main character Muto works a part-time job at this strange convenience store called “hot hot mart”.

Original Mystery Anime Sore dake ga Neck Releases
Sore dake ga Neck | Source: Official Website

He is described as a gentle young man who is easily liked by animals and cannot handle trouble on his own. 

He is also a serious and hard worker who is trusted by the store’s manager and employees.

Hot Hot Mart’s Store manager is not good at communication. Instead of talking with the eyes of others, they just talk unilaterally.

If you are nervous due to extreme social phobia, you will get an eerie smile. Therefore, after adulthood, he always hides his mouth with a mask.

Adam is another part-time worker at the Hot Hot Mart. As an international student, he has been in Japan for less than a year, so he often doesn’t understand the language.

Since he was little, he had been disciplined to not say anything about people that may be rude. Therefore, even if he feels something is wrong with a person’s appearance, he does not say it.

Nekomaru is a stray cat that lives around Hot Hot Mart. He doesn’t care much for anyone except for Muto.

Through his involvement with Muto, he becomes an idol cat of Hot Hot Mart.

Here’s a list of the cast working on the series :

PositionNameFamous Work
DirectionNoboru IguchiAku no Hana
Original character designKaneyoshiKaneyoshi
Series and Script compositionSaki Kuniyoshi
Anime productionAketoshi YamasakiSaki Zenkoku-hen
Reina Fujisaki
Hiroyuki SakaiKaiketsu zorori
Chief ProductionMasaya KuramotoTsugu Tsugumomo
Original PlanningShinobu UchidaBurn Up Excess
Akira FunadaNinja Collection

About Sore Dake ga Neck

The series focuses on an everyday convenience store in the suburbs. This strange convenience store somehow strangely seems to be everywhere.

The store seems even stranger with a part-time clerk who never speaks and works on something in silence.

The suspense behind this mysterious part-timer and why he works at this convenience store continued to build.

The convenience store called “Hot Hot Mart”  sells handmade side dishes. The story follows the hero Moto who also works in this convenience store where modern lazy part-time workers work.

The store managers and part-time workers, including customers, do not look at each other’s faces, work in silence, and have empty conversations. No one pays particular attention to this strange and baffling situation.

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