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Orient Anime Reveals An Action-Packed Character PV for the Protago

Orient is an upcoming anime that will satisfy your typical shonen genre cravings like no other. The classic duo of the loud and impulsive main character with the chilled and perceptive childhood friends is something that the show has in abundance.

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Musashi is the fated shonen protagonist who has wild ambitions, and Kojiro is his childhood friend who possesses the gift of common sense. Set in the Sengoku period, this chaotic duo is off to defeat the demons who rule the world.

The unique thing about this story is that the people worship demons while degrading the samurai warriors. Sounds crazy, right? In my opinion, it makes the plot even more interesting as the protagonists aim to change how the world works instead of becoming the most powerful beings.

Orient anime released an action-packed character PV for Musashi and Kojiro for its premiere in January 2022.

TVアニメ『オリエント』キャラクターPV ~№01武蔵&小次郎ver. ~【2022年1月より放送】
TV anime “Orient” character PV ~ №01 Musashi & Kojiro ver. ~ [Broadcast from January 2022]

The PV introduces Musashi, the cheerful 15-year-old who has to hide his true ambitions and blend into the crowd so that he doesn’t get discarded by the people. His fear of society mainly comes from the fact that samurai are not respected anymore and that his only friend gave up on him.

It then shows Kojiro Kanemaki, who has given up on his and Musashi’s collective dream of becoming samurai. Due to being shunned by society, Kojiro lives a dull and hopeless life until Musashi gets into a dangerous situation.

After saving his childhood pal from a demon, a new hope awakens in Kojiro, who now wants to fulfill the promise he made to Musashi. Together, the two embark on a quest to dismantle demon rule and bring back the respect and power samurai once had.

Orient Anime Reveals An Action-Packed Character PV for the Protagonists
Orient | Source: Orient

I am honestly so excited for this anime. Something about classic shonen anime brings a wave of thrill that no one can match.

The fact that it’s based around demons and samurai makes it even better.

About Orient

Orient is a manga series by Shinobu Ohtakawhich started serialization in May 2020.

The manga is about Kojiro and Masashi, two childhood friends who have sworn to become the strongest together.

In their world, evil demons have taken over and samurais are looked down upon. Both the friends have to dive head-first into the twisted world to purge it of its corruption.

Source: Orient Anime Official Website

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