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‘One Piece Film: Red’ Crosses 65 Million USD in Earnings

One Piece is destined to break and set records, so it’s not really a shock to know that its film has constantly been breaking the box office since its release.

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The franchise’s latest film is one of its most anticipated installments due to the various new characters. Besides Luffy and his crew, the film has a new protagonist Uta who is supposedly Shanks’ daughter.

However, that’s not the reason she’s famous. Uta is the most popular diva of her time and has made people get lost in her otherworldly voice.

Given the hype and mystery around Uta, One Piece Film: Red has managed to earn over 9.2 billion yen (approx. US$67 million) in 16 days.


In 16 days of release…


Number of mobilization 6.65 million people

Box office revenue exceeded 9.2 billion yen!

People who visited the theater

thank you…!

From Saturday, August 27th

Distribution of the 3rd visitor gift! ️

Enjoy #OP_FILMRED as many times as you want!

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It is an astonishing feat the franchise has achieved as it’s rare for films to run strong two weeks after their release. Since this is One Piece we’re talking about, something like this doesn’t seem impossible as the series has a history of pulling off such deeds.

I also think it’s not just about the plot and characters but also the franchise’s popularity in general. One Piece is famous for having one of the biggest fan bases ever that goes far and beyond to the corners of the world.

The franchise has made many move to tears and experience emotions they didn’t even know they had. Not just that, but the series has become a comfort space for fans due to its never-ending nature and familiarity.

'One Piece Film: Red' Crosses 65 Million USD in Earnings
One Piece Film: Red | Source: Crunchyroll

As many people have been seeing the show or reading the manga since they were kids, it seems like they’ve formed a special bond with it. So, it’s only natural that these fans, even adults, would miss out on such a film.

The movie goes beyond just money as almost 6.65 million have seen it till now, and we’re talking just about Japan. It is yet to make its global premiere, so you can imagine how huge it would become after that.

Also, don’t worry about the spoilers, as the movie will be released worldwide sooner than we think.

About One Piece Film: Red

One Piece Film: Red is the 15th movie in the One Piece franchise. It is directed by Goro Taniguchi, and produced by Toei Animation.

The story takes place at the Island of Music, Elegia where the world’s most greatest diva, Uta is holding her first ever live performance. People from all corners of the land and sea come to witness the most famous singer of all time, and Shanks’ alleged daughter, perform live for the first time.

Source: One Piece Film: Red Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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