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One Piece Chapter 1053 Leaked: Pluton is in Wano, Confirmed!

The chapter 1053 leaks have thrown the One Piece fandom into heated turmoil. Oda has completely derailed all our theories and expectations, in ways good and bad.

But the one piece of information that has really hooked the fandom is related to an object that has long piqued our interest since it was first mentioned.

Yes, I’m talking about Pluton, one of the 3 Ancient Weapons that constitute a significant portion of the One Piece lore. Oda just spilled the location of Pluton in the most unexpected of ways.

In chapter 1053, Nico Robin reveals that the Ancient Weapon Pluton is somewhere in Wano Country. She tells Hitetsu Tenguyama (who is Oden’s dad, Kozuki Sukiyaki) that according to what the Poneglyph in Arabasta said, Pluton has to be in Wano.

Fans previously believed that if there was any Ancient Weapon in Wano, it had to be Uranus. But as it turns out, it’s always been Pluton.

Everything We Know About Pluton:

1. Pluton is considered to be the World’s Worst Battleship, and likely is the most powerful warship in the One Piece universe, capable of destroying entire islands in a single shot.

2. It was created in the Void Century somewhere on Water 7, after which it was rendered inactive and disappeared from history.

3. The blueprints of the design of this ship-weapon were kept in Water 7, passed down a chain of the best shipwrights.

The man who built the Roger Pirates’ ship, Tom, became the keeper of the blueprints. When the World Government’s CP5 chief, Spandam, came looking for it, Tom decided it was time to pass down the blueprints.

He handed it to his apprentices, Iceburg and Cutty Flam, the latter of whom we all recognize as Franky.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Leaked: Pluton is in Wano, Confirmed!
Tom | Source: Fandom

Franky later burns these same blueprints in front of Spandam in Enies Lobby.

4. Franky is the only one who knows how to build a countermeasure for the real Pluton if need be.

5. The Poneglyph in Arabasta’s royal tomb told the location of the Ancient Weapon Pluton. We don’t know who wrote the Poneglyph.

Robin, being the only one who can read Poneglyphs, became the only one to know Pluton’s location. The Poneglyph was buried when the tomb collapsed.

6. Pluton is in Wano.

Where is Pluton in Wano?

Pluton is the Roman name for Hades, who is the Greek god of the Underworld. We also know that Pluton is apparently sleeping – or inactive – and is lying in wait – dormant – for someone to come resurrect it.

This could mean that Pluton is somehow underwater, or underneath something; maybe it is underneath Wano – or, Wano itself.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Leaked: Pluton is in Wano, Confirmed!
Mt. Fuji | Source: Fandom

Wano is actually not just an island, but a part of a larger geological formation, which is most likely Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji is known to be an active volcano, capable of widescale destruction.

Perhaps Mt. Fuji last erupted in the Void Century, and has been dormant since, waiting for something to trigger its eruption.

Volcanoes are also commonly known to be “sleeping” when they are not active. This terminology and thematic representation heavily imply what we know about Pluton.

Further, the volcanic structure of Fuji is in the Flower Capital.

Momonosuke recently landed Onigashima island safely near the Flower Capital. All the main players are already there. It’s highly probable that Pluton is right where they are.

Chapter 1053: Robin talks to Sukiyaki about Pluton

When Robin is speaking to Tengu aka Sukiyaki, they are in the castle basement, looking at his creepy Kokeshi doll collection.

Sukiyaki says he was imprisoned in this room when Orochi took over and by the time he got out, his son, Kozuki Oden, was already dead.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Leaked: Pluton is in Wano, Confirmed!
Sukiyaki And Robin | Source: Fandom

Sukiyaki says that he contemplated committing ritualistic suicide, and this is when Robin abruptly brings up Pluton.

Of course, there is more to the chapter since we only have spoilers as of now, but there is something that Sukiyaki definitely knows about Pluton.

We’ll just have to wait for the release of the official chapter to see the entirety of the intriguing scene between Robin and Sukiyaki/Tenguyama. For now, all we know is that Pluton is hidden in/on/beneath Wano Kuni.

About One Piece

One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997.

The man who had acquired everything in this world, the Pirate King, is Gol D. Roger. The final words he said at the execution tower were “My treasures? If you want it, I’ll let you have it. Look for it; I left all of it at that place.” These words sent many to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Thus began a new age!

Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy also heads toward the Grand Line in search of One Piece. His diverse crew is joining him along the way, consisting of a swordsman, marksman, navigator, cook, doctor, archaeologist, and cyborg-shipwright, this will be one memorable adventure.

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