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October Anime Kami-sama Ni Daichi Makes Major Announcements

PA Works, short for Progressive Animation Works, is a Japanese animation studio from Nanto, Toyama.

The animation studio was founded on November 10, 2000, and has been a part of popular titles like Angel Beats, Another and Charlotte.

Their latest work Kami-sama Ni Daichi, aka The Day I Became a God, is slated to premiere in October 2020.

A tweet from The Day I Became a God‘s official Twitter account teased fans with significant announcements on July 25.

As promised The Day, I Became a God made a list of announcements on its official website and twitter account on July 25, revealing its first PV, key visual, and more.

The first promotional video was released on Animeplex’s Youtube channel and gave a sneak peek into what the anime would look like.

The Day I Became A God PV

The promotional video was accompanied by the first key visual for the show featuring the protagonists Hina and Yota Narijin.

The first anime key visual for the TV anime “Kami-sama ni Natahi” was released!

The world is over


A summer story.

Stay tuned for the broadcast from October!

# The day you became a god

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Jun Maeda had previously been credited for the original story for the anime. The announcements revealed Yoshiyuki Asai would direct the anime at Studio PA Works with Manabu working on character designs.

Ayumu Takahashi has been announced as the editor for the series along with Riki Iida as the acoustics director. More information about the main staff for the show can be found on the official website.

The main cast for the show announced:

Sakura AyaneHina
Natsuki HanaeNarushin Yota
Yui IshikawaIzanami apricot
Ryohei KimuraNational Treasure Ashura

The cast sees many popular voice actors. Ayane Sakura currently voices Ochaco Urara and has been credited for her work in animes like Is the Order a Rabbit? and OreGairu.

Natsuki Hanae is currently voicing Appare Sorano in the ongoing Appare-Ranman! anime and has been credited for his work in Digimon Tri and Dragon Ball Super.

Along with the main cast’s announcement, the character designs were also revealed.

【Character introduction】

“Hina” (CV. Ayane Sakura)

A “self-proclaimed god of all wisdom” wearing a monk’s suit.

A girl who calls herself Odin.

Suddenly appeared in front of Yota, showing a god-like predictive ability,

I spend the summer days with Yota.

However, there seems to be something secret in that power…

English Translation, Twitter Translation

【Character introduction】

“Yota Narijin” (CV. Natsuki Hanae)

A third-year high school student who is the main character and is about to take the test.

I have a crush on my childhood friend Kyouko Izanami.

I meet Hina while playing basketball in the park.

Although he is swayed in various ways, he spends a summer with Hina.

# The day you became a god}

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【Character introduction】

“Kyoko Izanami” (CV. Yui Ishikawa)

In the third year of high school, Yota’s childhood friend.

My hobbies are baseball and movies.

He has a quiet personality and can study.

Yota invited me to study together.

My dream for the future is to be the sound director of the movie.

# The day you became a god

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[Character introduction] “National treasure Ashura” (CV. Ryohei Kimura) Third-grader in high school, Yota’s best friend. It’s a good friend, but he’s a good friend who goes along with Yota’s request. He played well with Yota from the basketball club in his junior high school days, and he was showing the good play in the match.


# God’s day

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【Character introduction】

“Narukami Sora” (CV. Yuki Kuwahara)

Yota’s sister.

He usually has low tension, but he has a gentle personality.

My hobby is film shooting, and my dream is to become a movie director in the future.

# The day you became a god

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More information about the characters is available on the official website.

Along with all these announcements, an illustration was also released by Manabu Nii, the character designer.

[Arrive at Nii Manabu Illustration Shikishi] Manabu Nii, who is the character design and animation director for the TV anime “Kami-sama ni Hibi,” has arrived a colored paper with a very nice illustration of Hina! It is open to the public on the day of becoming a god!

#The day you became a god

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Jun Maeda, popularly known as a writer for visual novels like Clannad, Air, and Kanon, will be returning to work with PA Works for this anime.

The writer is known to make great use of music, as seen before in Angel beats, the previous original anime he made with PA Works.

October Anime Kami-sama Ni Daichi
The Day I Became A God | Source: Reddit

Fans can expect more information about the anime that has been shrouded in mystery for so long. What are your thoughts on this anime?

About The Day I Became a God

The Day I Became a God, or Kami-sama Ni Daichi, is the third original work by Studio PA Works with Jun Maeda as its writer.

The anime will focus around Hina, a girl who suddenly awakens as a God and has a premonition about the end of the world. She chooses a boy to spend her time in the end.

Source: Official Website

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