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Obscure And Fun Facts About Manga And Anime For World Otaku Day!!

The day for us otakus is finally here! 15th December is World Otaku Day. Yes, we have a day to celebrate our geekiness for anime/manga. Although the day is not very well-known, we are trying our bit to make it known.

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So what do you wanna do on this day? Cosplay? Make fan-arts? Or simply binge watch anime till you drop?

Because all of these seem like good ideas to me, and I am not one to discourage you if you just want to lie down with your eyes fixed to the screen all day long!

So let’s get to the fun bit now. Here are some fun facts about anime/manga on this World Otaku Day. There might be some bizarre facts, some hilarious ones, and some to solve your curiosity! (We are not telling you which one is which, though)

1. Anime is Not Cartoon!

Louder for those in the back! So yes, anime is not cartoon for kids. It is a more refined art form that is presented through an animated medium.

Anyone who has watched a good anime film/anime will never compare it to a cartoon. So leave your biases aside and get involved in this roller-coaster ride of emotions nicknamed “anime.”

2. Why is “Bleach” called Bleach?

There are two reasons why Tite Kubo has named his popular manga series by the name of a cleaning agent.

Obscure & Fun Facts About Manga & Anime For World Otaku Day!!
Bleach | Source: Fandom

The first is that the soul reapers cleanse the souls, just like how bleach cleans stains. The second is that it is the name of his favorite music album by Nirvana.

3. The Father Of Manga

Even though we might think that Akira Toriyama or Eiichiro Oda is bound to be the most famous mangaka, it is not. Osamu Tezuka is the most well-known mangaka in Japan.

Obscure & Fun Facts About Manga & Anime For World Otaku Day!!
Astro Boy | Source: IMDb

He is considered to be the Walt Disney of manga. He wrote several series like Astro Boy, Princess Knight, etc.

4. Why did Goku lose his tail?

Akira Toriyama is reported to be having difficulties with drawing Goku’s tail on every single page. Thus he made up a whole story just to get rid of Goku’s tail.

5. Starting Point of Mangakas?

Some famous mangakas started out as hentai artists. In case you do not know, Hentai are erotic mangas. The mangaka behind Food Wars! was also once a hentai artist.

6. Original One Piece Duration

One Piece was initially supposed to run only for 5 years. However, it quickly got popular, which drove it to being serialized for 16 years and counting.

Obscure & Fun Facts About Manga & Anime For World Otaku Day!!
One Piece | Source: Viz Media

7. Diversity of Genres

Contrary to popular beliefs, manga comes in all types of genres; because, in Japan, people of all age groups read manga. From sci-fi to psychological to comedy and some much more profound themes, mangas have them all.

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