Nvidia RTX 4080 Leaks: Everything You Need to Know- Specs, Price, & More 

Nvidia is known for its commitment to releasing a new GPU series every two years. With the release of its RTX 3000 series back in 2020, the upcoming 4000 series is all set to be launched in 2022.  

RTX 3000s revolutionized the fundamentals of the digital visual experience. Now, the 4000s are here to take it one step further as they are expected to offer significantly enhanced FPS even for higher resolutions than their predecessors. 

From its release date to specifications, here is everything we know so far about Nvidia RTX 4080 through the leaks. 

Nvidia RTX 4080 Release Date Rumors 

Nvidia RTX 4080 is rumored to be released in September 2022, but unfortunately, Nvidia has neither officially announced RTX 4000 series nor confirmed its launch dates as of now. 

According to a Twitter reply by the reliable hardware leaker, Kopite7kimi, RTX 4000 series could be released in “mid-July.” However, at this point, it looks improbable as it’s July already, and Nvidia has made no move towards introducing the 4000s series to the public. 

Nvidia RTX 4080 Rumoured Specifications 

Nvidia RTX 4080 wields the latest Ada Lovelace architecture and uses the AD102 GPU. Its rumored specifications are as follows: 

I. Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Specifications 

CUDA kernels 14,080 
Ray Tracing Kernels 144 
Tensor Nuclei 440 
Bus Width 256 

II. Clock Speeds 

Base Clock 1925 MHz 
Boost Clock 2075 MHz 
Memory Clock 2250 MHz 36 Gbps effective 

III. Graphics Features 

DirectX 12 Ultimate (12_2) 
OpenGL 4.6 
OpenCL 3.0 
Vulkan 1.3 
CUDA 9.0 
Shader Model 6.6 

IV. Render Config 

Shading Units 9728 
TMUs 304 
ROPs 96 
SM Count 76 
Tensor Cores 304 
RT Cores 76 
L1 Cache 128 KB (per SM) 
L2 Cache 64 MB 
Source – TechPowerUp

As per another hardware leaker on Twitter, harukaze5719, RTX 4080 features 14,080 CUDA cores which is a whopping increase of 71% over the 3000 series.  

Looking at the opposing sides, Kopite7kimi suggests that a 4080 will be equipped with GDDR6 memory rather than GDDR6X, which will put a significant performance gap between RTX 4080 and its subordinate RTX 4090, which will have GDDR6X memory. Lastly, it is also expected that an RTX 4080 could require a 450-600W Power Supply.  

However, nothing is set in stone as of now, and all this information is here to give you a basic idea of the GPUs performance if you are saving for the RTX 4000 series. 

Nvidia RTX 4080 Speculated Price 

Nvidia RTX 4080 is rumored to cost $699, similar to RTX 3080 and RTX 2080 GPUs, but it does not have an official price tag yet from Nvidia. 

Due to the continuous price fluctuation in the GPU market, it isn’t easy to predict the prices correctly for the RTX 4000 series, and it is more than possible that it could cost way more than the rumored price once Nvidia announces it. 

Still, if the fluctuation stops and the prices settle down, we could surely see it costing somewhere around that $700 mark. 

About Nvidia

NVIDIA Corporation is an American multinational technology company incorporated in Delaware, based in Santa Clara, California. They design graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, as well as system on chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and automotive market.

Best known for the “GeForce” lines of GPUs, they are a direct competitor to AMD’s “Radeon” series. NVIDIA has also expanded its offerings with its handheld game consoles Shield Portable, Shield Tablet, and Shield Android TV and its cloud gaming service GeForce Now.

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