MS Flight Simulator Update Makes Nordic Countries Even Prettier!

Every update to Microsoft Flight Simulator adds content and improvements, making the game an absolute joy to keep playing. Not only is it an accurate flight simulator, but it has also helped people explore the world during a time when they could barely step out of their homes. This is thanks to the realism and attention to detail within the simulator. And that is going to improve further with the latest update titled “World Updates | Nordics.”

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Nordics World Update Trailer

The previous update touched up Japan, France, the UK and more. Now, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway will look even better in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Nordic countries are undeniably some of the most beautiful in the world, with vast wildernesses, hilly expanses, and mountainous regions. The new update improves heightmaps and aerial imagery and also adds 78 new points of interest to spot out of your cockpit window.

MS Flight Simulator Update Makes Nordic Countries Even Prettier!
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Scandinavia (and Finland) are known for both their architectural creativity and stunning environments. The showcase trailer gives us a look at some of the weird and wild structures which have now been added to MS Flight Simulator. These include Denmark’s vast offshore wind farms, Sweden’s alluring Arctic Cathedral, and Norway’s intimidating Holmenkollbakken ski jump.

Points of Interest

  • Roskilde Cathedral (Denmark)
  • Ǿresund Bridge (Denmark)
  • Amalienborg (Denmark)
  • Copenhagen Opera House (Denmark)
  • Egeskov Castle (Denmark)
  • Frederiksborg Castle (Denmark)
  • Frogner Park / Sculptures (Denmark)
  • Kronborg Castle (Denmark)
  • Lego House (Denmark)
  • Rosenborg Castle (Denmark)
  • Men at Sea (Denmark)
  • Ceres Park, Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Aalborg Stadium, Aalborg (Denmark)
  • Blue Water Arena, Esbjerg (Denmark)
  • Brǿndby Stadium (Denmark)
  • Parken Stadium, Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Helsinki Cathedral (Finland)
  • Petäjävesi Old Church (Finland)
  • Turku Cathedral (Finland)
  • Uspenski Cathedral (Finland)
  • Bomarsund Bridge (Finland)
  • Replot Bridge (Finland)
  • Vylisto Bridge (Finland)
  • Olavinlinna (Finland)
  • Suomenlinna (Finland)
  • Näsinneula (Finland)
  • Turku Castle (Finland)
  • Bolt Arena/Helsinki Ice Hall (Finland)
  • Helsinki Olymic Stadium, Helsinki (Finland)
  • Hallgrimskirkja Church (Iceland)
  • Hvitserkur (Iceland)
  • Perlan (Iceland)
  • Arctic Cathedral (Norway)
  • Heddal Stave Church (Norway)
  • Nidaros Cathedral (Norway)
  • Urnes Stave Church (Norway)
  • Fyksesund Bridge (Norway)
  • Hardanger Bridge (Norway)
  • Helgeland Bridge (Norway)
  • Storseiundet Bridge (Norway)
  • Tromsø Bridge (Norway)
  • Bryggen Bergeno (Norway)
  • Oslo Opera House (Norway)
  • Pulip Rock / Preikestolen (Norway)
  • Royal Palace, Oslo (Norway)
  • Tyholttårnet (Norway)
  • Holmenkollbakken (Norway)
  • Brann Stadion, Bergen (Norway)
  • Intility Arena, Oslo (Norway)
  • Lerkendal Stadion, Trondheim (Norway)
  • Sparebanken Sǿr Arena, Kristiansand (Norway)
  • Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo (Norway)
  • Viking Stadion/SR-Bank, Stavanger (Norway)
  • Frederik Church (Sweden)
  • Church of Holy Trinity (Sweden)
  • Kiruna Church (Sweden)
  • Storkyrkan Stockholm Cathedral (Sweden)
  • Höga Kusten Bridge (Sweden)
  • Öland Bridge (Sweden)
  • Sölvesborg Bridge (Sweden)
  • Tallberg Bridges (Sweden)
  • Tjörn Bridge (Sweden)
  • Uddevalla Bridge (Sweden)
  • Dragon Gate (Sweden)
  • Kullen Lighthouse (Sweden)
  • Drottningholm Palace (Sweden)
  • Helsinki Ice Hall (Sweden)
  • Royal Swedish Opera (Sweden)
  • Stockholm City Hall (Sweden)
  • Stockholm Palace (Sweden)
  • Turning Torso (Sweden)
  • Boras Arena, Broas (Sweden)
  • Eleda Stadion, Malmö (Sweden)
  • Friends Arena, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Ullevi Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Guldfageln Arena, Kamlar (Sweden)
  • Tele2 Arena, Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Svinesund Bridge (Sweden/Norway)

The update also comes with five new landing challenges which will push you to brave the wintery conditions of the Nordic countries. We have new associated airports and brand new models for the same as well.

MS Flight Simulator Update Makes Nordic Countries Even Prettier!
Microsoft Flight Simulator

Handcrafted Airports

  • Bornholm (Denmark)
  • Ísafjörður (Iceland)
  • Stockholm Arlanda (Sweden)
  • Svalbard (Norway)
  • Vaasa (Finland)

So, pack your winter coats and snow goggles as a Nordic holiday seems to be on your itinerary this summer. If you’re in the mood for something more extreme and feel the need for speed, you can check out the free Top-Gun-inspired DLC coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Expect to pilot some fighter jets, land on aircraft carriers, and use some military-grade eyewear when that update is made available later this year.

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