Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!

If you’re a Nintendo gamer, you’ve probably been tracking the release of this year’s most anticipated game: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, set to release on November 18.

The ninth generation of Pokemon will be available to play on Nintendo Switch, which has recently announced a limited model: Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Edition, to celebrate the new game.

Nintendo Switch has 3 different systems – Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED to choose from, and over 16 special edition models for fan-favorite, flagship games.

If you’re thinking about whether it’s worth it to get the limited Pokemon edition, this article is for you. I will compare the different Nintendo Switch models, highlight the special editions, and tell you which one you should buy.

1. What is the difference between the Switch versions?

While Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED all have handheld playing modes, only the Switch OLED and Switch have the tabletop and television modes. This is the main difference between the 3 Switch versions.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Switch Lite, and Switch OLED | Source: Official Website

Apart from this, the only other physical difference is that the Lite has smaller dimensions and a lesser battery life.

Of course, the battery life depends on the games that you play and for how long you play them, but while Lite only has a life of 7 hours, OLED and Switch have a maximum life of 9 hours.

Another major difference is storage: while both Lite and Switch have a storage of only 32 GB, OLED boasts of a 64 GB storage.

2. Which model of Switch is better? Which one should you buy?

The Switch OLED model is undoubtedly the best in terms of storage, screen, sound, quality, and compatibility. But if you’re thinking of price, the Lite is the best; if you want something that does everything OLED can do and everything Lite can’t, it’s the Switch.

I. Lite: Pros and Cons

The biggest pro for the Switch Lite is its budget.

If you only use your Switch for handheld games and want something cheap to keep you occupied, the Lite is for you. Its other pro is that it’s available in more colors than the others (coral, turquoise, yellow, grey).

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Switch Lite | Source: Official Website

Otherwise, the Lite’s cons outweigh its pros. There are many games that don’t support the handheld mode, and for these, you’d have to connect separately bought controllers wirelessly to your Lite.

Additionally, the Joy Cons that you buy would also need a separate Joy Con charger, so you’re much better off just buying a Switch if you want to play a wider range of games.

Another con is that hardly any of the special edition games are exclusively Lite.

II. Switch: Pros and Cons

The original Switch has a lot of extra features compared to Lite, which give you more options to play either handheld games or use it as a console to play on another display.

It comes with detachable set of Joy Con controllers and a Switch dock with an HDMI cable. Docking the system allows video output to a TV, where you can play your favorite games.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Switch | Source: Official Website

The Switch, though, is only available in grey, red/blue, apart from special editions like the rare Animal Crossing one which was cyan.

The con is that compared to the OLED, the Switch is smaller if you’re into playing handheld and might run out of storage pretty soon. You can attach a microSD card, though.

III. OLED: Pros and Cons

The OLED has a 64 GB storage space – more than enough for even the most avid gamers. It comes with controllers, a dock, HDMI, and a built-in LAN/ethernet port.

It also has a way better resolution, a larger screen size, and a better rear kickstand design, which makes it more adjustable for tabletop gaming. The speakers for OLED are improved as well.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
OLED | Source: Official Website

If you’re a fan of handheld, OLED is also the option for you, especially compared to Lite, which is much too tiny; you’re not going to be able to go back to Lite after playing on OLED.

The only con of the OLED is its price. The other thing is, the OLED and the Switch share the same basic features. So, if you already have a Switch, and don’t have budget to spare, upgrading to the OLED might be skippable.

The main reason you’d probably want to invest in the OLED, especially this year, is if you’re looking to get the limited edition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

3. What are the Special Edition Nintendo Switches?

Whenever there is a new flagship game coming out, Nintendo releases a special edition of Switch consoles that are themed according to the game. They make for great collector items, and are awesome to play on if you’re a fan of the series.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Nintendo Switches | Source: Official Website

For example, the thrill of playing Pokemon on a Pokemon-themed Nintendo is way more than if you were to play it on your basic Switch.

Here are all the special or limited edition Nintendo Switch models released till date:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch
  • Splatoon 2 – Switch
  • Splatoon 3 Edition – OLED
  • Monster Hunter Rise – Switch
  • Mario Red + Blue – Switch
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Switch
  • Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/ Let’s Go Eevee – Switch
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Switch
  • Diablo 3 Eternal Collection – Switch
  • Dragon Quest XI – Switch
  • Disney Tsum Festival – Switch
  • Jack Jeanne – Lite
  • Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta – Lite
  • Fortnite – Switch
  • Monster Hunter Rise – Switch
  • Monster Hunter XX – Switch
  • Pokemon Dialga and Palkia – Lite
  • Nintendo Labo – Switch
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – OLED

4. Is it worth buying the new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Switch OLED? Spec Breakdown:

It’s definitely worth buying the limited edition Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Switch OLED if you’re a fan of Pokemon games.

This is the first Pokemon themed Nintendo game to be released on Switch OLED. Since Scarlet and Violet is meant to be a fully open-world adventure, playing on an OLED, especially the limited edition OLED, will be a thrilling experience.

This game will also introduce the Generation 9 of the Pokemon franchise.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Nintendo Switches | Source: Official Website

If you get the special edition, you’ll get a design that features the Orange and Grape color theme, a console with the Starter Pokemons Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, and the legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon on the front side of the dock.

The back side of the console will feature various emblems from the game in the colors orange and purple, making it brighter and more vibrant.

The Joy Con will have the emblems of the Naranja Academy and Uva Academy, the Scarlet and Violet equivalents of the game.

5. Does the OLED Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come with the game?

Unfortunately, the limited Nintendo Switch OLED Pokemon Scarlet and Violet edition won’t include the game itself, so you will have to purchase it separately.

But everyone who purchases Scarlet and Violet before Feb. 28, 2023, will receive a special bonus Pikachu in their game.

Does the OLED Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come with the game?
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Source: Official Website

Not just that, digital purchasers will get a special Adventure Set, which comes with potions, extra heals, and other extra in-game items.

So, whether or not you buy the special edition OLED, there’s nothing stopping you from pre-ordering the game itself.

6. When does the Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition release?

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition will release on November 4, 2 weeks before the release of the game itself.

Nintendo Switch Model Comparisons, Special Pokemon OLED, and More!
Nintendo Switch | Source: Official Website

It will be available in physical and digital Nintendo stores and from retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, etc for the price of $359.99.

6. About Pokémon

Pokémon was first released in 1996 and is set up in a world where humans catch monsters and store them in pocket-sized poke-balls.

They are creatures with an affinity to certain elements and some superhuman abilities related to that element.

Revolving around a teenage boy Ash Ketchum, Pokémon takes us through his journey to becoming the most accomplished Pokémon trainer the world has ever seen.

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