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New Visual and Teaser for ‘NieR:Automata’ Introduces the Commander

The future where androids or humanoid robots would be seen walking on the streets is not that far. Following such a possibility, NieR: Automata presents a dark post-apocalyptic take on such a reality.

It is set in a prospective reality where humans have abandoned Earth, and mecha aliens have taken over the planet. In an effort to gain back their home, humanity deploys a fleet of androids, YoRHa Forces, to eradicate the aliens, starting a war between them.

Since this is an elite combat squad of androids, there has to be someone equally capable of leading them, and YoRHa has its own.

Humanity’s YoRHa Forces are led by a female android, Commander White. The latest trailer and visual for ‘NieR: Automata Ver 1.1 a’ is about the Commander and how she leads the squad to success.

アニメ『NieR:Automata Ver1.1a』Promotion File 003:バンカー

From the very first glance, we can infer that the Commander is strict and follows the rules. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t break them if the need arises.

With her stern demeanor comes the Commander’s calm and composed nature, much like the android 2B. She is not big on feelings and emotions but cares about her subordinates’ safety.

The Commander is very loyal to humanity and states in the video that they fight for humankind. Her loyalty and obedience come from the fact that they created her and think that fighting for humans is a way to pay them back.

Besides the promotional video, the franchise has also revealed a visual featuring the Commander with operators including 60 and 210.


We have released a new visual depicting the commander and operators who are in charge of the YoRHa unit.

The official website has also been updated, so please check it out.



#Nier Automata

Twitter Translation, English Translate

Operators 60 and 210 are android communication operators assigned to individual YoRHa soldiers. Their duties include sending directives to the YoRHa soldiers on the field and information analysis.

These two are partnered with YoRHa soldiers 2B and 9S. Operator 60 is assigned to 2B, and Operator 210 is assigned to 9S.

‘NieR:Automata Ver 1.1 a’ New Visual and PV
2B (Left) and 9S (Right) | Source: Official Twitter

The ironic part of this pairing is that the soldier and their operator have completely different personalities, making their interactions hilarious. We have only seen this in the game, but I think this dynamic will be even funnier in the anime.

The franchise has also revealed the cast enlisted to play these newly announced characters:

CharacterCastOther Works
CommanderChiaki KanouAki Kodai (Dinosaur King)
Operator 60Keiko Isobe--
Operator 210Meari Hatsumi--

All three of these actors are reprising their roles from the video game, making it exciting yet familiar for fans who have played it.

The anime is slated for January 2023, and more information regarding its release and streaming will be revealed later.

About NieR

NieR is an action RPG franchise. It was first released in 2010. It was released as NieR Replicant in Japan for Playstation 3 and NieR Gestalt for Xbox 360.

The gameplay lets the players assume the role of a teenage guy or a man who goes on to encounter several monsters to find the cure to the Black Scrawl disease. NieR Automata will receive an anime soon.

Source: NieR:Automata Anime’s Official Website

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