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Explore your Own Isekai Anime with the Latest NFT Project AnimeLoot

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are all the buzz these days; everything from the ridiculous amount of money generated to the absolute insanity of the products available for sale through them.

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All these seem to reach new heights every week, and it looks like it has inspired some otakus to come up with a brilliant idea. 

The Otaku Coin cryptocurrency venture announced their latest project titled “AnimeLoot” on Monday (September 6), aiming to create an isekai anime with NFTs. 

Inspired by the “Loot” social network, “AnimeLoot” users can obtain a unique list of randomly generated item names commonly known as loot through purchasing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain or the Otaku Coin cryptocurrency. 

Although the loot themselves have no inherent attributes or association with game rules, the Otaku Coin cryptocurrency venture hopes that the users will create their own artworks and story concepts around the loot.

The “AnimeLoot” project, described as “an experimental bottom-up anime project,” is based on Vine creator Dom Hofmann’s original concept that went viral last week with prices of some loot reaching a market cap of $180 million. 

Users who sign up for AnimeLoot will receive a free token called the “Default Settings Replica NFT,” which has the character’s basic characteristics they will be roleplaying under the following four categories:

  1. Species
  2. Sex
  3. Heritage
  4. Personality

The direction of the anime will gradually take place as the project progresses.

Well, if it seems like a worthwhile opportunity for you or if you are feeling a bit daredevil-ish today, then you should tread carefully.

Source: Medium

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