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‘Giant Beasts of Ars’ Anime to Get an Early January Debut

DMM and HIDIVE are renowned names in the anime industry, and a collab between the two is bound to get everyone’s spirits up. The two have come up with an original anime titled ‘Giant Beasts of Ars,’ and everyone’s curious about how it turns out.

The anime is set in a fictional historical period of beasts, magic, and mysteries. Its protagonists are Jiro, who hunts the beasts for a living, and Kuumi, whom Jiro encounters and saves from someone chasing her.

An ad for the ‘Giant Beats of Ars’ portrays the anime’s magical world and deadly creatures while confirming its premiere on January 6, 2022.

TVアニメ『アルスの巨獣』30秒番宣CM第1弾│♪PENGUIN RESEARCH『変幻自在』
TV anime “Ars no Kyojuu” 30-second commercial 1st │ ♪ PENGUIN RESEARCH “Hengen Jizai”

The video introduces Kuumi and Jiro with their monologues playing in the background. It is also revealed that both have some special powers, making them an almost formidable team.

Besides the debut, the video also previews the anime’s opening and ending theme songs. The OP is ‘Hengen Jizai’ (Morphing Existence) by Penguin Research and the ED is ‘Na mo Nai Hana’ (The Nameless Flower) by Harumi

#Ars no Kyoju theme song information

Opening theme


Ending theme

#Harukaumi “Nameless Flower”

In the 30-second commercial video, the sound source of the opening theme, “Hengen Jizai,” is unveiled for the first time!

▼Check the official website for details!

English Translation, Twitter Translate

The video hints that Kuumi was a human experiment that ran away from a lab and was saved by Jiro. Meanwhile, the beast hunter Jiro is shown to be fearsome but, in reality, is a loner who has closed off his heart to others.

Both are highly skilled and mighty, although it seems like Kuumi still needs to learn how to control her powers. Considering how she was an experiment, it could be that she’s incomplete and doesn’t know how to contain it all.

Moreover, Jiro might be the key to unlocking and controlling Kurumi’s powers because why else would they even cross paths? Fate always has some plans, and this seems like one of them.

The franchise has previously revealed the anime’s main cast and staff information, and let me tell you that it’s absolutely amazing.

I have high expectations from this one, so I hope they don’t disappoint.

About Giant Beasts of Ars

Giant Beasts of Ars is an upcoming original anime by DMM and Asahi Production. It is slated for a January 2023 release and will be directed by Akira Oguro. The plot is set in a period of swords, beasts, heroes, and myths.

Beasts known as Kyoju created the land which humans stole. This angered the Kyoju who started eating humans, resulting in a feud between the two species.

The story follows Jiiro, a Kyoju hunter, who meets a girl named Kuumi and the two set on a journey with his friends to unravel the world’s secrets.

Source: Official Website

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