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Netflix Announces Upcoming Sci-Fi Anime for 2024 ‘Moonrise’

Netflix has been supporting some famous anime series for quite a while now, and ‘Moonrise’ seems to be another addition to its expanding library.

This original sci-fi anime will take you on an adventure to the Moon. While many theories have risen up on the unexplored parts of the Moon, this anime will attempt to put a fantasy spin on them.

Wit Studio adopts author Tow Unukata’s original story to create the upcoming ‘Moonrise’ project. It is set for a 2024 release and will be streamed by Netflix.

If you are a fan of futuristic guns and guys fighting atop a spacecraft (don’t ask me how that’s possible), you need to check out the latest trailer for Moonrise:

Moonrise | Official Teaser #1 | Netflix
Moonrise | Official Teaser #1 | Netflix

The studio claims that they are experimenting with a new kind of animation that has never been used before. The surface of the moon and its unexplored regions will be made with this new animation form.

Jack and Al, the story’s protagonists, will set off on a remarkable space adventure, despite the absence of any remarkable features in the plotline. Of course, you will get tons of action scenes, guns that light up, and the characters playing with mind-boggling concepts like space and time.

You can check out both Al and Jack in the new visual:

Wit Studio has employed its best-ranking staff members for this series, and they have been lined up right here:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorMasashi KoizukaAttack on Titan season 2-3
Character DesignHiromu ArakawaFullmetal Alchemist
Music ComposerRyo KawasakiYu-Gi-Oh! Sevens

Wit Studio has stated that the anime will take place both on the moon and on Earth and is set in the near future. I admit that the undiscovered Moon thing seems exciting, but we are yet to know whether the characters actually have any unique charisma.

About Moonrise

Moonrise is an upcoming sci-fi anime by author Tow Ubukata. Masashi Koizuka will direct the anime at Wit Studio. The premise is set in outer space on the Earth and the Moon.

It follows two men, Jack and Al, as they make their way through the various hardships presented by the outer space. Jack loses his family in an act of rebellion against the government, and he swears revenge on the killers.

Source: Official Twitter

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