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New Manga from Spanish Artist Recreates Characters from Various Classic Tezuka Manga in May

A new manga is being created which will pay its respects to Osamu Tezuka, often referred to as “the Father of Manga”. Team Phoenix will once again make us remember just how big of an influence Tezuka had on the manga industry.

Astro Boy, Princess Knight, Dororo, Black Jack, the list of classic series created by Tezuka is quite long. For many of us, his works resemble memories from our childhood. A new manga recreating his characters is more than welcome!

Kenny Ruiz is a Spanish artist who will launch a new manga series in collaboration with Tezuka Productions. The manga is set to feature characters that have been created and popularized by Tezuka himself.

The new manga is named “Team Phoenix”, and it will debut on 12th May in the Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine.

The new visual that has been released shows three Tezuka characters moulded into a new art style. The white tiger might be Panja from the Jungle Emperor Leo anime film.

Princess Knight’s Sapphire is also present in the visual with her characteristic cape, hat, and sword. The boy in the very front is Hosuke Sharaku, a recurring character in the Astro Boy series. He is also the protagonist in the Three-Eyed One manga.

Clearly, there are many more characters involved who have not been revealed yet. The first chapter of Team Phoenix will have 50 pages, and it is titled “Space Spectacle.”

Sapphire will be the first one to make an appearance in the new story. It will be fascinating to see how so many characters from different series will be incorporated into a single manga!

About Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix is a manga by Spanish artist, Kenny Ruiz. It will debut in the Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine on 12th May 2021.

The manga is a homage to Osamu Tezuka, “the father of manga.” Many of his characters from different series will be shown in the Team Phoenix manga.

Sapphire from Princess Knights is troubled due to the robot alliance which rules over 90% of the universe. She will have to make a decision to secure the future.

Source: Kenny Ruiz Instagram

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