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New Kishimoto Manga – Samurai 8: Hachimaruden

Kishimoto Sensei is back with yet another excellent piece of work – the new manga, Samurai 8: Hachimaruden. If you are an otaku, or even a wannabe you must have either seen or at the very least, heard of one of the most epic animes’ out there – Naruto Shippuden. Those were the good old days…

Naruto followed by Naruto Shippuden was a heart-stopping anime series written by the great Masashi Kishimoto Sensei. It showcased the life of a shinobi child named Uzumaki Naruto. Having tremendous latent power since childhood, he lacked the experience to channelize it, resulting in Naruto being a failure from the start. The anime is about how Naruto Uzumaki stopped being a failure and saved the shinobi world becoming by the strongest shinobi of his time and times to come. It was more than just an anime series, and fortunately it ended on a good note.

hachimaru and daruma

But what broke the hearts of most fans was the anime series following Naruto Shippuden. Boruto – Naruto Next Generations. It is about the son of the strongest shinobi of all times, Naruto Uzumaki. Boruto, was a prodigy since childhood unlike his father. Kishimoto Sensei left the Boruto manga in the hands of his assistant, thus disappointing Naruto fans worldwide.

The decision that took us by surprise turned out to be a boon for all of us. While leaving Boruto manga to his assistant, Kishimoto Sensei had a more excellent vision in mind; to create an anime on par with Naruto. If you are wondering, what gets better than a medieval Japan ninja world? The answer, is a technologically advanced world of Samurai.

The cherry on the top is that his new samurai manga is already available and you can read it on Shonen Jump. Samurai 8: Hachimaruden, is a story of a boy Hachimaru who has had multiple allergies and health issues since birth resulting in a bed-ridden life forever. One day it all changes for Hachimaru when he encounters one of the legendary Samurai – Daruma! In a sudden battle against Horse Samurai, Hachimaru accidentally performs the samurai ritual and is granted a robotic Samurai body, thereby ridding him of all his health issues.

Nine chapters of the manga have been released, and after reading it, I can say with conviction that it is fabulous. It is written for everyone, from Naruto veterans to those who think Naruto is too big to start. It certainly is not an understatement that, The Creator of Naruto Shippuden, Masashi Kishimoto Sensei is BACK!

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