New ‘Furiosa’ Trailer Reveals Anya Taylor-Joy’s Iconic Mad Max Journey

The latest trailer for ‘Furiosa’ has just dropped, giving us a glimpse of the protagonist’s epic journey. 

This film is George Miller’s next big project after the success of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in 2015, and it’s actually a prequel. Anya Taylor-Joy will play the young Furiosa, stepping into the role initially played by Charlize Theron. 

The movie also stars Chris Hemsworth as the main villain, Warlord Dementus, and Lachy Hulme, who will play Immortan Joe. 

Ahead of Furiosa’s release, Warner Bros. Pictures has released a second trailer. Check it out below: 


Much like the first, the second trailer shows Furiosa’s early life. It starts with her being taken away from the Green Place of Many Mothers and captured by a tough biker gang led by Warlord Dementus. 

As they journey across the desolate Wasteland, they encounter the Citadel under Immortan Joe’s control. Caught between these two leaders’ power struggles, Furiosa is determined to return to her origins.

The trailer starts when she is just a ten-year-old girl living in the lush Green Place of Many Mothers. This time, it delves deeper into her early years and introduces us to her mother, Charlee Fraser. 

We even see a touching scene in which Furiosa’s mother asks her to promise to return home one day, which is similar to what we’ve seen in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’

New ‘Furiosa’ Trailer Reveals Anya Taylor-Joy's Iconic Mad Max Journey
Furiosa | Source: IMDb

Another interesting moment is when the titular protagonist cuts her hair. Until now, we’ve seen her with long, dark hair, but the latest trailer captures the moment she shaves it off. It is a significant change for her character, bringing back the iconic buzz cut we saw in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ 

‘Furiosa’ promises to deliver the breathtaking visuals and thrilling action that fans expect from the Mad Max franchise, and if the trailers are any indication, we can expect a blockbuster movie very soon!

About Furiosa

Mad Max: Furiosa is an upcoming prequel/spin-off to the 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road. The prequel is directed by one of the Mad Max franchise creators, George Miller. 

Furiosa will focus on the Imperator Furiosa, a war captain, and her childhood. The movie will illustrate the pre-apocalyptic world, Furiosa’s family, her experiences, and finally, her journey to becoming one of the best captains. 

Anya Taylor-Joy will play the role of young Furiosa. The film also stars Chris Hemsworth as Furiosa’s enemy and Tom Burke in an undisclosed role. The movie is scheduled for a release on May 24, 2024.

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