Drugged Bear Gains Enhanced Superpowers in New Cocaine Bear Teaser

A new teaser for the upcoming dark thriller film, Cocaine Bear, features the protagonist bear’s enhanced physical abilities after ingesting a large amount of cocaine. 

The upcoming dark comedy is based on a real-life incident about an American black bear who had consumed an entire duffel bag full of cocaine in 1985. The film is directed by Elizabeth Banks and written by Jimmy Warden. 

It follows a group of people, including tourists, teenagers, criminals and the police as they try to deal with an enormous black bear who goes on a murderous rampage under the influence of cocaine. 

The first trailer for Cocaine Bear was released last month and gave us a glimpse of the violent nature of the bear. The official social media account for the film has recently unveiled another short teaser, highlighting the bear’s enhanced physical capabilities after ingesting cocaine. 

A regular black bear can climb about 4 feet per second, smell things up to a mile away, and run around at a speed of 30 mph. The cocaine bear in the film has enhanced physical capabilities in all of these aspects. It can “smell everything”, climb up to 100 feet per second, and hit 75 mph. 

Cocaine Bear marks the directorial debut of Elizabeth Banks, who has previously starred in films such as The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, Magic Mike XXL, and The Next Three Days. Though the film is based on a real-life incident, the real bear did not go on a murderous rampage after ingesting cocaine. 

Drugged Bear Gains Enhanced Superpowers in New Cocaine Bear Teaser
Cocaine Bear

In reality, the bear died of an overdose. However, the film imagines a different scenario where the bear gains enhanced physical abilities and turns violent. The real bear most likely ingested a duffel bag full of cocaine after a drug smuggler dropped the bag from a plane before his death. From the trailer, it seems like the film is retaining this part of the story.

Though the protagonist bear is created with the help of visual effects, the film features an ensemble cast of talented actors. The late Ray Liotta plays a drug kingpin in the film, and it is the last film he shot before his death. 

The team is taking quite a bit of creative liberty to turn the story into a hilarious dark comedy. Although the original story is quite scary, Banks takes the script a notch higher by giving it a hilarious twist. 

Hopefully, Cocaine Bear will turn out to be a unique and entertaining watch for us.

About Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear is an upcoming American dark comedy thriller film directed and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks from a screenplay by Jimmy Warden. It is inspired by the true story of the “Cocaine Bear”, an American black bear that ingested a duffel bag full of cocaine in 1985.

The film features an ensemble cast that includes Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Christian Convery-Jennings, Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Brooklynn Prince, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Kristofer Hivju, Hannah Hoekstra, Aaron Holliday, Margo Martindale, and Ray Liotta in one of his final performances before his death. 

Cocaine Bear is scheduled to be released in the United States on February 24, 2023, by Universal Pictures.

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