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Netflix’s Blood of Zeus Review: A Subversion of Classic Greek Tropes

Like most people, I was first introduced to Greek mythology through Percy Jackson books, and then through various retellings on Wattpad (it was a phase, okay).

With an invigorated interest in it, I started searching for podcasts and shows that would remain true to the events.

What I learned after all of this was that Greek mythology basically reads like an epic family feud, except with monsters sprinkled in.

And with a Netflix new original anime series called “Blood of Zeus” releasing soon, we will see exactly that.

Blood of Zeus:  A Subversion of Classic Greek Tropes
Cover | Source: Fandom

The anime focuses on Zeus’s illegitimate son, Heron, as he defends humanity from an evil “demon” army.

Throughout the first six episodes, we see him deal with his changing status and struggling to survive the vengeful wrath of Hera, who wants him dead because of his new identity.

While these grim and tragic aspects of the show have their own appeal, it is what happens after episode six that seals “Blood of Zeus’” place as a must-watch series for mythology lovers.

Instead of the usual my-destiny-is-to-become-a-hero, or everyone-hates-me-so-I-must-become-stronger trope, Heron finds his own identity without either completely embracing or discarding the old one.

Similarly, instead of the common notions associated with Hera as a vengeful goddess whose anger stems from betrayed love, we are shown an entirely different aspect that motivates her.

Instead of love, her anger at Zeus’ constant disrespect towards her fuels Hera to brand her power in everyone’s minds once again.

Blood of Zeus:  A Subversion of Classic Greek Tropes
Blood of Zeus | Source: Netflix

The series does not stop only there. It continues to break grounds by subverting classic Greek tropes and fitting it more to modern standards.

Zeus is shown to be soft (when needed) and caring in his approach to Heron; instead of the usual apathetic and angry self, he is portrayed as, and Hera is shown to have masculine qualities such as stoicism, toughness, and anger-fueled strength that befits a deity.

Furthermore, one of the best aspects of the show is its representation. It truly is something that immediately pushed “Blood of Zeus” up my favorites list.

Be it brown, black, white, or any shade imaginable, every possible skin color was aptly shown, without resorting to stereotypes.

What makes “Blood of Zeus” different from other mythology-based shows is that it offers a rare perspective on the Greek gods and humanizes them a little.

Rather than portraying demons as evil, Gods as good, or vice versa, it instead highlights the grey areas that link them to each other.

Be it a significant character such as Heron or Seraphim, or even minor ones such as Apollo, or Ares, are given moments that enhance their character significantly.

Other than the plot and narrative elements, “Blood of Zeus”’ animation style is nothing to scoff at either. Powerhouse Animation Studio has managed to maintain the same quality as Castlevania, if not higher.

Due to this, the hyperviolence is beautifully portrayed, and one can’t stop following every movement and scene.

Everything from the massive monsters to gorgeous blue and green-eyed Gods upholds the standards of the beauty of Greek myth and brings it to life.

With an outstanding soundtrack to boast, I can honestly proclaim that “Blood of Zeus” has it all.

About Blood of Zeus

Blood of Zeus is an upcoming action fantasy themed anime about the fueling war between Gods and monsters.

Blood of Zeus:  A Subversion of Classic Greek Tropes
Blood of Zeus | Source: IMDb

Based on Greek mythology, it is about Heron, illegitimate son of Zeus saving humanity from the waging war between the Gods and Monsters.

Meanwhile, Zeus’ wife, Hera, plans to betray her fellow Olympians, working with the Titans to get revenge on her unfaithful husband once and for all.

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