Netflix’s Lady Napoleon Anime Visual Vouches for A World Conquering Waifu

Taking over the world is not an easy task, but who said you couldn’t try?

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Netflix’s upcoming original anime series “Lady Napoleon ” follows the footsteps of Sophie and her highly sophisticated team as they try to take over the world. 

Through its official Twitter handle, Netflix announced today (August 31) that its original anime series “Lady Napoleon” by manga artist Shin Kibayashi will be helmed by director Noriaki Akitaya and animated by Studio Zero-G. 

Additionally, Netflix also revealed a pre-production visual.

original #樹林伸 × Director #秋田谷典昭

 studio #ゼロジー Decided to distribute the completely new animation by exclusively

 Netflix series “Lady Napoleon.”

 Napoleon’s descendant Sophie’s organization <Lady Napoleon> fights for world domination!

 Is there the word “impossible” in her dictionary?


English Translation, Twitter Translate

The minimalist banner features the three members of the Lady Napoleon organization. In the center, we have the protagonist Sophie, a descendant of Napoleon and the organization’s leader. On her left side is her jack-of-all-trades butler named Butler, and on her right side is the martial arts master named Guy. 

The story will follow these three as they search for Napoleon’s lost sacred treasures as they plot for world domination. These sacred artifacts will presumably grant Sophie control over the whole world. 

Moreover, according to Netflix, Lady Napoleon will have 13 episodes and be available for streaming worldwide.

Acclaimed mangaka Shin Kibayashi has penned the anime’s script. He is a prolific writer who has written multiple mangas such as Drops of God and The Knight in the Area.

As for the series’ staff, Director Noriaki Akitaya is well known for his work on anime, such as Bakuman and  Active Raid. Additionally, Studio Zero-G, which is in charge of animation, is known for its work in series like Tsugumomo and Grand Blue Dreaming

This upcoming tale of a waifu taking over the world is sure to be a great addition to the Netflix anime library. So keep your eyes sharp for this trio of would-be world leaders. 

About Lady Napoleon


The original anime series is a collaboration between Netflix and mangaka Shin Kibayashi.

This action series follows Sophie, a descendant of Napoleon and the leader of the Lady Napoleon organization, as she searches the world for Napolean’s three sacred treasures.  On her quest, she is followed by her jack-of-all-trades butler (named Butler) and the martial artist Guy.

Source: Twitter 

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