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Netflix Reveals a Fantastic Visual for 2022 Anime of ‘Bastard!!’

Bastard!!, the heavy metal fantasy manga, might not be a mainstream shonen series, but it has a massive fanbase. Netflix has finally picked up the manga to give it an anime spin.

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The series features a Dungeons & Dragons type world where people have to survive attacks by violent creatures. Yet, the protagonist is deemed to be eviler than the creatures. The upcoming series will clarify why that is so.

Netflix will premiere the anime adaptation of Bastard!! in 2022. A new visual has been revealed for the upcoming series:

“BASTARD !!-Dark Destruction God-” will be made into a series animation Party popper

 Simultaneous worldwide distribution in 2022 #ネトフリ !

 The main cast is … ☟

 ■ #谷山紀章 / Dark Schneider

 ■ #楠木ともり / Tear Note Yoko

 ■ #安元洋貴 -san / Gala

 ■ #日笠陽子 / Arches Ney

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The visual portrays the main characters, Dark Schneider and Tia Noto Yoko. Dark Schneider is sitting on a fitting throne, and it establishes the dark fantasy vibe even more.

The main cast members have also been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
Dark SchneiderKishō TaniyamaJean Kirstein (Attack on Titan)
Tia Noto YokoTomori KusunokiNeiru Aonuma (Wonder Egg Priority)
GaraHiroki YasumotoChad (Bleach)
Arshes NeiYōko HikasaKaren (Tower of God)

Studio LIDEN FILMS will animate the series, and the staff members have also been revealed:

PositionStaffOther Works
DirectorTakaharu OzakiGoblin Slayer
Series CompositionYousuke KurodaMy Hero Academia
Character DesignSayaka OnoCROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon
Music ComposerYasuharu TakanashiFairy Tail

Bastard!! started serialization in 1988, but its recent chapters have a very irregular update schedule. Now that the series will get more attention with the anime, I hope the creator adds more chapters for the starving fans.

No CGI studio is in sight, so I hope Netflix spares this anime from the 3DCG-heavy animation. If all goes well, dark metal anime fans will receive a memorable series soon.

About Bastard!!

Bastard!! is a dark fantasy manga by Kazushi Hagiwara. It was first serialized in 1988 in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. It currently ongoing in the Ultra Jump magazine.

The protagonist, Dark Schneider, is a wizard who is feared more than the evil creatures who haunt the people. The series is filled with rage, horror, sorcery, and power struggles. It is a perfect fit for Berserk fans.

Source: Netflix Tweet

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