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Netflix Streams New Trailer for ‘Oni: Thunder God’s Tale’

Netflix’s upcoming animated series, Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, is a western take on Japanese folklore. By featuring characters from popular myths and stories in the culture, the company aims to produce something out of the box.

The series is a production by the California-based Tonko House. It is not just an ordinary studio, but an Academy Award-nominated one, meaning the show will be nothing less than spectacular.

Netflix has started streaming the official trailer for Oni: Thunder God’s Tale, which shows off the series’ brilliant CGI stop-motion animation. The show is originally in English and will be dubbed into different languages later.

ONI: Thunder God's Tale | Official Trailer | Netflix
ONI: Thunder God’s Tale | Official Trailer | Netflix

Despite the elaborate plot and characters, the show will have only four episodes. It is slated for October 21, 2022, with the Animation Is Film Festival hosting the theatrical world premiere on October 22.

The trailer starts by setting the premise. We see a classroom full of Kami or folklore creatures being told by their teacher about the Oni. Every 100 years, the Oni attack the Kami’s village, and the kids are being trained to protect it.

Netflix Streams New Trailer for 'Oni: Thunder God's Tale'
Kami Children Training | Source: Fandom

All the Kami, young and old, start training, including the protagonist Onari and her parent Naridon. While other children show exceptional combat skills, the teacher is worried that Onari isn’t a fighter and won’t be ready till the Oni arrive.

Onari is hell-bent on proving them wrong by developing an extraordinary thunder skill that gives her an upper hand. Her power is strong enough to hold back and destroy the Oni and save the village.

Netflix Streams New Trailer for 'Oni: Thunder God's Tale'
Onari and Naridon | Source: Fandom

Since this culture inspires the plot, the staff has revealed the Japanese dub cast for the series:

CharacterCastOther Works
AmatenReina UedaKanao Tsuyuri (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)
FūtarōYasuhiro MamiyaMagma (Dr. Stone)
NaridonCraig Robinson--
OnariRyoko ShiraishiHayate Ayasaki (Hayate the Combat Butler)
KappaSatomi AraiSakura Kaname (Fafner)
TenguKazuhiko InoueNinzaburo Shiratori (Case Closed)
Onari’s motherMiyuki SawashiroUltear (Fairy Tail)
Nama and HageTakayuki NakatsukasaPan (Flavors of Youth)
NinjinKana Uetaka--
Um BrellaHaruka TomatsuZero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX)
TanukintaRie KugimiyaKagura (Gintama)
Daruma-chanMisaki KunoHawk (Seven Deadly Sins)
CalvinMarina Aicholtz--
the principalToshiko SawadaTiffany Evergarden (Violet Evergarden)

The star-studded dub cast has made the wait even more difficult, but knowing that there are barely two weeks left for the debut makes it better.

I hope your Netflix subscriptions are renewed.

About Oni: Thunder God’s Tale

Oni: Thunder God’s Tale is an animated series from Tonko House, an independent California-based animation studio. Daisuke Tsutsumi is the creator and showrunner of the project.

The series features a world where Japanese yokai coexist. One day they face a threat from a certain type of monster called Oni. It’s time for our protagonist, Onari, to shine. She is a free-spirited daughter of a yokai who is yet to discover her powers.

Source: Netflix’s Official YouTube Channel

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