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NetEase Comes up with New Game for Cells at Work! Franchise

Looks like the Cells at Work! franchise currently has a lot going. With a manga ending this month and the second season of the anime airing, they always seem to be in the news.

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A new Cells at Work! game is currently under development. It will be headed by NetEase, who are widely known for their action, fantasy, role-play themed games.

Based in China, NetEase is one of the largest Internet and video game companies in the world. Some of their popular games include Westward Journey series, Heroes of Tang Dynasty Zero and Ghost II.

“Joint Cells at Work!”, the station program announced on Sunday that a new “Cells at Work” game is currently in development. NetEase will be in charge of development.

The staff will announce details regarding the scheduled date of the game’s release, the platform on which it would be released and more, later this year.

NetEase Comes up with New Game for Cells at Work! Franchise
Cells At Work! | Source: Fandom

The franchise already had a smartphone game app for iOS and Android devices in 2019 called Always Cells at Work, but the game was canceled last January.

The franchise is set to have a second event in May, though Kodansha hasn’t confirmed any news regarding the upcoming game and if it would be present during the Joint Festival at Work! at Tokyo’s Olympus Hall Hachiōji.

Scheduled on May 23, the voice cast members of both ongoing anime, Cells at Work! and Cells at Work! Code Black! would be present at the event.

People who buy the first Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume of either anime will receive a form to apply early for tickets to the event.

Nothing else has been announced regarding the project, including whether or not it would focus on only the mainline Cells At Work series or include its spin-off, Cells At Work! Code Black.

About Cells at Work!

Written by Akane Shimizu and serialized on Monthly Shonen Sirius since 2015, “Cell at Work!”

NetEase Comes up with New Game for Cells at Work! Franchise
Cells at Work! | Source: Netflix

Revolves around the daily life of the cells of the human body. Everything in our bodies from blood cells to viruses is personified. As a result, the series gives us an in-depth, and extremely entertaining, look into how our bodies work.

The series currently has five volumes. Over 1.5 million copies have been sold.

 An anime television series adaptation by David Production ran from July to September 2018. Its second season and an animated TV series of its spin-off series, “Cells at Work! Code Black,” premiered in January 2021.

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