Necrobarista Forges Ahead with Final Pour’s Debut on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch’s hunt for out-of-the-world games has led it to the door of Necrobarista. The visual novel from Route 59 games indulges in a captivating storyline where the line between the living and the dead blurs. 

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The enhanced Necrobarista: Final Pour version showcases a unique plot and tons of new content. 

Necrobarista: Final Pour will include four hours of original and never-before-seen gameplay with new modes, music, DLC, and different environments to explore. 

A new trailer also shows us glimpses of the enigmatic cafe in which the story takes place.

Necrobarista: Final Pour - Nintendo Switch Trailer
Necrobarista: Final Pour

The details of the cafe are a cherry on top as you can really feel that it is a place for both the living and the dead to visit. Some of the characters are also shown in the trailer. 

Sky Station and Soul Storage are two of the original storylines that you will be able to venture into. Many different modes have also been included in Final Pour to maximize the fun.

From customizing new patrons to editing and creating new scenes, Necrobarista fans are going to have a never-ending queue of new stuff to do. 

Jeremy Lim and Kevin Penkin composed the original soundtracks, and new songs are added to the collection to give the novel a much-needed musical boost. 

You can now find Necrobarista on the Nintendo eShop for $21.99 with an extra 15% discount for its initial launch. The Final Pour version will be available on Apple Arcade and PC soon. 

Route 59’s lead designer Kevin Chen comments that Necrobarista becoming a cult hit was unexpected. Still, now that it has reached such unsupposed heights, the team hopes that fans will really enjoy the Final Pour version as well. 

Source: Necrobarista Press Release 

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