Namor may be the antagonist of the Black Panther sequel

Namor will be the main villain in the sequel to Black Panther. The untitled Black Panther 2 movie has now entered the pre-production phase. Details on the plot of the film are extremely scarce at the moment. There are strong rumors that the scheme of the movie will revolve around Wakanda coming under attack by another ruler looking to take it over.

The studio has chosen Namor- The Sub Mariner to be the main antagonist of this untitled movie. The cast and the details of the characters too are unavailable right now which is understandable considering how secretive Marvel is about their projects.

Who is Namor- The Sub Mariner?

Namor is known as Marvel’s first mutant and is one of the most famous Antihero. He is the hybrid of a surface dweller and Atlantean and counterpart to DC’s Aquaman. Namor grew up with a negative attitude towards the surface world and is often in conflict with the politics of the surface. He often comes out as oppressive, partially due to his royal heritage. Namor has issues with handling his anger and is certainly not a team player. He walks between on a fine line of morality and is an Antihero.

His loyalty continuously juggles and in a few instances, has tried to kill the Fantastic Four and The Avengers. Although, he is a founding member of the Super Secret Team ILLUMINATI, consisting of Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Iron man, Mr. Fantastic and Professor X. Avengers: Endgame teased his presence in MCU When Okoyo says there is an Underwater Earthquake in the Indian Ocean.

What can we expect?

Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther performed phenomenally at the box office and even went on to win Oscars. He is returning as the director, and many other actors are also reprising their roles all of which are good things to hear. The involvement of a stubborn and cruel king like Namor can light up the chances of Marvel to produce an excellent Villain After Thanos.


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