‘Moriarty the Patriot’ Manga to Wrap-Up Part 1 in December

Based on James Moriarty, Sherlock’s iconic arch-nemesis, ‘Moriarty the Patriot,’ is the perfect tale for those who love detectives, history, and action.

The manga began in 2016 and was instantly loved by people who were annoyed due to its monthly-release pattern. After so many years, the story is finally starting to wrap up with its first act.

According to Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine’s latest issue, ‘Moriarty the Patriot,’ manga will conclude its first part on December 2.

'Moriarty the Patriot' Manga to Wrap-Up Part 1 in December
Jump SQ Magazine’s December Issue | Source: Official Website
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The finale will end with the ‘Valley of Fellows’ arc, based on the fourth and final Sherlock Holmes novel ‘The Valley of Fear’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Since most of the manga’s arcs are adapted from the original Sherlock novels with a twist, I’m sure this one also packs some unexpected twists.

‘Valley of Fellows’ arc began rather peacefully, with Sherlock and William settling in the United States and away from the chaos in Britain. However, their quiet days were cut short when they joined Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency.

'Moriarty the Patriot' Manga to Wrap-Up Part 1 in December
Sherlock Holmes and William James Moriarty | Source: Official Website
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It all begins when Holmes gets an assignment from the Pinkerton’s that turns out to be the reason Billy works for the government. The task is to eliminate some loan sharks that took over Billy’s hometown and killed his best friend, Garret, something he blames himself for.

Given the tragic and touching story of Billy’s past, Sherlock allows him to join in the job to atone for his mistake and pay respect to his friend.

Soon after, Billy, Sherlock, and Moriarty set out on a new adventure that will end in Jump SQ’s next issue in December.

'Moriarty the Patriot' Manga to Wrap-Up Part 1 in December
Billy | Source: Fandom
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‘Moriarty the Patriot’ manga is no less than perfection and gives us a different view of Moriarty and his relationship with Sherlock. While most adaptations portray him as a ruthless villain, Ryosuke Takeuchi painted him as an anti-hero and developed his character to be Holmes’ close friend.

I might be sad about the manga ending, but this is just the first part, and I’m sure we’ll have the second in no time.

About Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot is a mystery Shonen manga written by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and illustrated by Hikaru Miyoshi from August 2016. The series has published ten compiled volumes and inspired an anime that released in October 2020.

The story is set in Britain’s Golden age in the 19th century. It Focuses on William James Moriarty, the second son of the Moriarty household, a young mathematics professor. He lives the simple life of a noble along with his brothers Albert and Louis.

But outside school, William is a well-known criminal consultant prepared to wreak havoc in pursuit of his desire “a new world built from the ashes of the old.”

Source: Jump SQ’s December Issue

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