End of Life for unauthorized Xbox accessories, according to Microsoft

It’s 2023, and Microsoft is making yet another big tech move. After acquiring Activision Blizzard, Microsoft wants to crack down on third-party console accessory manufacturers.

Many gamers notice “A connected accessory is not authorized” on their Xbox Consoles with the error code 0x82d60002. On the Xbox Support page, they mention players will have two weeks to use the accessory, after which it will be blocked from use with the console, which is when they will receive the error code 0x82d60003.

While this seems like a controversial move on the part of Microsoft, they have a solid reason for this move. Microsoft says they are blocking third-party accessories because such peripherals compromise the gamers’ experience.

On the support page, Microsoft has mentioned that the licensed Xbox Hardware partners’ accessories are designed and manufactured, keeping in mind international quality standards for performance, security, and safety.

This is where unauthorized accessories fall short and might deliver a sub-par experience. It could also lead to severe security issues and hamper the user experience.

End of Life for unauthorized Xbox accessories, according to Microsoft
The Support Page for Error Code 0x82d60002 for unauthorized accessory with Xbox | Source: Xbox

This is why Microsoft suggests that players should only purchase the “Designed for Xbox” products from companies that offer a wide variety of licensed and approved accessories from more than “50 major gaming brands.”

This move has not been taken positively by many fans of the Xbox franchise. This is because not everyone wants to spend so much on peripherals after spending so much on a console like Xbox.

Players have a valid point when they say that they are happy with the experience of using the third-party consoles and that they do not need Microsoft to intervene.

It is expected that this move will see an increase in the number of official registrations by third parties and allow them to be a part of the “Designed for Xbox” program.

This will impact only the local and small-scale businesses, which will not be able to afford the licensing costs, and as a result, their peripherals will go out of business. Only time will tell how this move affects people’s perception of Xbox.

About Microsoft

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Microsoft is also known for establishing the famous console brand Xbox, along with the video game subscription Xbox Game Pass.

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