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Level 5’s Megaton Musashi Anime Confirms Fall Debut After 4 Years!

Several animes are based on a game, and both media follow the same story for the most part. Yet, Level 5’s Megaton Mushashi bends the rules and combines both to offer a greater story!

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The most unique part of the experience of Megaton Musashi is that the game, the anime, and the spinoff tell the story from a different viewpoint through a different set of characters.

It has been some time since the game was announced. Now, we have our very first look at the anime!

Level 5’s Megaton Musashi anime is set to debut on 1st October 2021. The announcement was followed by a visual.

[Anime “Megaton Musashi” broadcast in October]

Broadcasting has been decided on TOKYO MX and BS Fuji from October 1, 2021 (Friday)!

In addition, key visuals and megaton-class cast members and staff information will be released for the first time!

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Megaton Musashi #Anime Musashi

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The visual shows the “chosen” teenagers standing on a bridge with a giant robot behind them. This is the Musashi Robot made out of Megatronium alloy which is piloted by three individuals at once.

The series will be produced by Level 5 Studio itself with the following staff:

Role StaffOther Works
DirectorAkihiro HinoInazuma Eleven
Character DesignTakuzou NaganoDanball Senki
Mechanical DesignNobuyuki Yanai
MusicKenichirou SaigouYoukai Watch

Cast members for the anime have also been revealed:

CharacterVoice ActorOther Works
Yamato IchidaijiToshiki Masuda Chikara Enoshita(Haikyuu!)
Ryugo HijikataShunsuke Takeuchi Makoto Suzuki (Tokyo Revengers)
Teru Asami Sōma Saitō Yamagi Gilmerton (Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans)
Reiji AmemiyaKouki Uchiyama Toge Inumaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Jun KirishimaSumire Morohoshi Kyoka Izumi (Bungou Stray Dogs)
Momoka SaotomeMegumi Han Momoiji Soma (Fruits Basket)
Kota AkutagawaAyumu MuraseGinro (Dr.Stone)
Takumi KindaichiYuuki Kaji Eren Jaegar (Attack On Titan)

Megaton Musashi is a post-apocalyptic story where 90 percent of humanity has been wiped out and the remaining population lives in a shelter where the memories of the disaster have been wiped out. 

How will only three teenagers save the entire population that has been living a subdued life for years?

This kind of project is very difficult to produce. Considering the original announcement back in 2016, this is the first part for which we have a solid date. Even the game and the spinoff do not have a solid release window yet.

While certainly ambitious, this is the kind of thing you should not miss out on, that is if it comes to fruition.

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About Megaton Musashi

Megaton Musashi is a multimedia project that is receiving an anime in October 2021, The project is produced by Level 5.

After 90% of humanity has been wiped out due to an invasion, the survivors are forced to live in a shelter. Their memories have been modified and they are always kept under supervision.

Now, everything depends on the hands of three teenagers who will pilot a robot called Musashi.

Source: Megaton Musashi Official Website

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