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Megalo Box 2: Nomad Listed with 13 Episodes; BluRay Set to Have New Short Anime!

Megalo Box 2: Nomad gives us an insight into the shocking future of Joe. The boy who had won the hearts of action anime fans worldwide with his potential, now seems broken.

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“Gearless” Joe had quite an impact when he was first introduced in the Megalo Box anime.

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the original Ashita no Joe manga and the upcoming season is sure to make us remember the legendary series.

Megalo Box 2: Nomad premiered on 4th April and it is listed with a total of 13 episodes! The anime is premiering on Funimation.

Its limited edition BluRay disc set will consist of all 13 episodes as well as a new short. The BluRay version will be distributed on 28th July.

The BluRay set is priced at $ 350.51 (¥ 38,500) and will be available with tons of extra benefits like:

  • A special booklet with artwork by You Moriyama.
  • Storyboard and scenario of episode 1.
  • Non-credit OP, ED.
  • New short anime.
  • Teaser and main PV.
  • Special box with illustration by Hiroshi Moriyama.

Animate, Rakuten Books, and Amazon are providing original illustrations as store privileges:

Megalo Box 2: Nomad Listed with 13 Episodes; BluRay Set to Have New Short Anime!
Megalo Box | Source: Crunchyroll

“Gearless” Joe had won the supreme title in Megalo Box Season 1. Obviously, fans expected Joe to have more battles in the upcoming season.

However, no one would have expected him to return full of scars and with the name, “Nomad.”

Episode 1 shows the five-year time gap between the two seasons as Nomad fights to make money to fuel his painkiller addiction.

He is looked down upon for his habit, and we are looking forward to how he will change himself in the upcoming episodes.

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About Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a sincere homage to the iconic Ashita no Joe’s manga as well as anime series. Megalo Box was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the renowned and redefining boxing series – ‘Ashita no Joe.’

Chikara Sakuma launched a manga adaptation of the Megalo Box anime titled: ‘Megalo Box – Shukumei no Shoken.’ It was serialized in Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine Edge from February 2018 to August 2018 with a total of 2 volumes.

TMS Entertainment, with the help of 3xCube, developed the original anime series ‘Megalo Box,’ which was heavily inspired by ‘Ashita no Joe.’ The first episode aired on April 6, 2018.

Source: Megalo Box Official Website

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