Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Release Date, Features, and Upgrades

After a series of delays, the makers of Mass Effect Legendary Edition have confirmed its release date. The game was originally set to release in 2020, but due to the turbulence that the year caused, the game got postponed to 2021.

To announce the arrival of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a video trailer was released. The trailer revealed that the Bioware-developed game would release on May 14. The trailer also demonstrated the new features that the action-RPG will sport.

1. What is Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?

The first three original games of the franchise: Mass Effect(2007), Mass Effect 2(2010), and Mass Effect 3(2012), will be fused together. The outcome of this amalgamation will be known as Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. These classic games of the past will be given a modern touch.

To make this game a fit for the modern hardware, Mass Effect Legendary Edition will carry a plethora of enhancements. Expect to see a game with improved revamped dynamic shadows, volumetrics, textures, redesigned character models, depth-of-field, etc.

2. Overwhelming Graphics

Thanks to the capability of next-gen gaming technology, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will offer heavenly visuals. It will support HDR, 4K and will run at 60FPS on consoles.

The improved detailing, lightning, and shades will make you want to take a moment to soak in the beauty of the game’s environment.

3. Taking Mass Effect 1’s Gameplay to the Next Level

Forget about the game’s 2007 version, as this legendary edition will give Mass Effect 1 a complete makeover. Upgrades will incorporate convincing graphics, reworked cameras, a modernized combat HUD that’s more consistent with 2 and 3, weapon balancing, and aim assist.

Overall, what you will get is an experience that games in 2021 must offer.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has HUGE Changes

4. A paradise for customization

Designing and customization of characters in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be better than ever. More skin tones and hairstyles will be added to the game to let you design your shepherd as you want!

Fusing this feature with realistic graphics will make the game very pleasing to the eye.

5. A Long, Comprehensive Story Content:

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will offer 100+ hours of gaming content. This will include the plot of all three games, 40 DLCs, additional story packs, and extra weapons & armor.

The game will require a huge commitment, but by the looks of it, you’re going to love every minute of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

6. About Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the alleged name of a rumored upcoming video game arrival by EA and BioWare. It is said to incorporate the remakes of Mass Effect(2007), Mass Effect 2(2010), and Mass Effect 3(2012), all in a single game.

Thus, a modern and cutting edge touch will be provided to these classic science fiction games.

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