About My Father Ending: Family is Not One Important Thing; It’s Everything

Stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco has given his audience plenty of reasons to laugh with his hilarious material over the years. But apart from starring in a few films, the actor has never written a screenplay that ends up becoming a $30 million film starring himself beside Robert De Niro. Oh wait, he just did!

The comedic actor wrote and starred in About My Father, a family comedy loosely based on his relationship with his father. The movie premiered on Lionsgate this Friday and will definitely tickle your ribs with its hilarious take on family ties – but that’s not all it does.

The film sends an important message, which the film’s writer/lead star so eloquently put in the trailer too – “family is not one important thing; it is everything.” In the movie, Sebastian takes his father, Salvo, to meet with his longtime girlfriend’s family. 

The Italian son is embarrassed by his father’s antics and only brings him there so that Salvo can hand him the engagement ring that has been in his family for years since Sebastian planned to ask Ellie to marry him. Along the way, he understands his father only wants the best for him, as he always has, and changes his mind about moving far from him.

About My Father Ending: Family is Not One Important Thing; It’s Everything
Sebastian and Ellie

The film, starring Maniscalco and De Niro alongside Leslie Bibb, Anders Helm, David Rasche, Kim Cattrall, and Brett Dier, focuses majorly on the father-son duo. However, the film also highlights Ellie’s messed-up family dynamics.

At the film’s end, after Sebastian and Salvo have a big blowout, the elderly father gives his son the object of his desire, meant as an olive tree, and leaves for Chicago. However, after Ellie’s parents’ secrets are spilled, and he has a heart-to-heart with his to-be-wife, he realizes how much his father has done for him since he came into this world.

Sebastian makes up with his father and rejects Bill’s offer to work in DC since he doesn’t want to leave his father alone. He and Ellie decide to stay in Chicago, and the two families unite for their children’s happiness despite their differences.

About My Father Ending: Family is Not One Important Thing; It’s Everything
Robert De Niro as Salvo in About My Father

The film hits the sentimental side of our hearts while highlighting the comedic timing of the cast, but critics have scored the film negatively, claiming that the movie isn’t good just because it makes you laugh. Well, it’s not that bad, either.

I don’t know about the critics, but why don’t you give the film a chance since it’s already streaming on Lionsgate? Drop your views in the comments below so we know what you like and keep delivering that here on Cine Dope.

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