Man Dressed As Chucky Attacks Maskless NYC Subway Rider

Recently, a video went viral showing a man dressed as Chucky from the horror movie series Child’s Play attacking a woman who was noticeably not wearing a face mask on a New York City subway.

The character of Chucky has become a pop culture icon over the years, particularly in the horror world. Though dolls are now a staple of many horror movies, Chucky is one of the most admired. Various actors, including Brad Dourif and Edan Gross, have played the role.

Man Dressed As Chucky Attacks Maskless NYC Subway Rider

In the recent reboot, Mark Hamill took over the part of Chucky, delivering a new take on the classic horror villain. Assuming Chucky’s intense popularity, it’s not surprising that fans may choose to dress up as the character for Halloween or other spooky events. Though, one person took it a little too far in a recent viral video.

The video was shared on several platforms, including Twitter and TikTok. Users appeared to be both terrified and amused by the video’s content.

The man dressed as Chucky, who goes by the name Miguel, has now revealed the truth behind the attack himself, in The New York Post. It turns out that Miguel is an actor and comedian who orchestrated the whole event as a social experiment. He disclosed that the victim in the video is also a comedian and was part of the investigation.

The drill was done to see whether or not anyone watching the attack would help the victim. Miguel went on to say, “I expected people to at least help her out,” and then reflected dismay when he saw people chose to record the attack instead of helping her.

The video’s actions are chaotic but not diverting enough to miss the fact that no one is helping the victim out. It appears as though people decided it’s better to go viral instead. This Child’s Play experiment proved eye-opening and showed how people are only interested in voicing things and living online. Hopefully, the message behind it will stick with people.

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