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Mangaka Makuno Ends Contract with Futekiya BL for Unprofessional Behaviour

Manga creators being exploited and taken advantage of has been happening in the industry for a long time now. It is indeed shameful, but no one really does anything to change it.

Authors and artists often do not get the pay they deserve nor the recognition for their talents. One of the prominent cases of this was how the mangaka of Demon Slayer was paid less than the bare minimum from Mugen Train’s earnings.

A significant amount of blame goes to the big companies under which they publish their work. Recent stories of employees and mangaka being in life-threatening situations due to their work is just another dark fact that gets hidden under the dazzling lights of anime and manga.

Something similar happened with the yaoi mangaka Makuno who terminated her contract with the popular boy-love service futekiya.

In her statement, she mentioned that her doujinshi would no longer be distributed on futekiya.

Why is that?

She mentioned the exploitation she had to face, for instance not getting the payment on time and the failure to fulfill certain reports.

Without shaming the service, as she felt it had potential, Makuno threw light on how companies are incompetent at times. She also thanked all her fans who read her work as well.

She cannot continue her collaboration with the service any longer, and her mental health has suffered a lot. 

She also mentioned that her work ‘The Nature of Master/Slave Relationships’ will continue to be distributed on the website.

Makuno apologized to her fans for not being able to deliver the finale of her ongoing work ‘Scapegoat Baby’ in her tweet. 

Instead of being disappointed, the fans were immensely supportive of her decision of getting out of a toxic situation.

The exploitation of artists and their talent is a serious issue that people have been bringing up more recently. But, unfortunately, publishing companies and production houses hide this dark reality under the content we consume daily, which harms the original creator.

It is time we start to talk about this issue more and spread awareness. We encourage our readers to consume manga and anime from official sources instead of pirated websites so that the creators get what they deserve.

Mangaka Makuno Ends Contract With futekiya BL For Unprofessional Behaviour
Scapegoat Baby | Source: Futekiya

We hope Makuno recovers from this soon and gets the recognition she deserves.

Source: Makuno’s Official Twitter

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