‘Magilumiere’ Anime Attempts a Rare Parody of the Magical Girl Genre


  • ‘Magilumiere Co. Ltd.’ manga will inspire a TV anime in 2024.
  • The trailer featured the world of ‘MagilumiereCo. Ltd.’ and the voice actresses for the main characters. 
  • Moe and J.C. Staff will collaborate to create the anime.

Everyone aspires to find satisfying employment, but how many can actually succeed? The workplace is not a magical place after all. Unless it actually is? 

‘Magilumiere Co. Ltd.’ follows the story of a recent college graduate who is struggling to secure a job. However, her life changes when she lands a collaborative job with a magical girl.

The manga series serves as a great satire of the prevalent magical girl genre, and now it’s receiving an anime adaptation.

The manga ‘Magilumiere Co. Ltd.’ will inspire a TV anime in 2024, as revealed in a promotional video streamed on the Shonen Jump YouTube channel.


The trailer featured the world of ‘Magilumiere Co. Ltd.’ and the voice actresses for the main characters. 

It will be made into a TV anime in 2020 To commemorate the TV anime, a teaser visual featuring the main character Kana Sakuragi in a suit and Hitomi Koshigaya in a magical girl outfit has been released https://magilumiere-pr.com

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The key visual teased the main characters, Kana Sakuragi and Hitomi Koshigaya.

The leading voice cast of the anime includes:

CharacterCastOther Works
Kana SakuragiFairouz Ai Power (Chainsaw Man)
Hitomi KoshigayaYumiri HanamoriSagiri (Hell’s Paradise)

Moe and J.C. Staff will collaborate to create the anime, and the production team includes the following members:

Position StaffOther works
DirectorMasahiro Hiraoka One-Punch Man
Script SupervisorShingo NagaiGirly Air Force
Character DesignHidehiro AsamaA Silent Voice
Music ComposerMakoto MiyazakiSpy×Family
Sound ProductionMasafumi MimaAttack on Titan

This series offers a unique take on the magical girl genre with an exciting premise and captivating characters. 

Anime enthusiasts are excited to see how the anime will delve into the relationship between Kana and Hitomi and the satirical elements that draw inspiration from popular magical girl manga like Sailor Moon.

Overall, the ‘Magilumiere Co. Ltd.’ anime has a great chance of becoming a hit. Fans eagerly look forward to discovering more about the anime and how it measures against the original manga in the upcoming months.

About Magilumiere Co. Ltd.

Magilumiere Co. Ltd. is a Japanese manga series written by Sekka Iwata and illustrated by Yu Aoki. It began serialization on the Shōnen Jump+  in October 2021.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Moe and J.C.Staff is set to premiere in 2024.

The story is set in a world where being a magical girl is a popular profession. These magical girls are responsible for hunting down mysterious creatures called Kaii. Kana Sakuragi, a recent college graduate, assists Koshigaya, a magical girl, in exterminating a Kaii.

As a result, she becomes the second magical girl at Magilumiere, a startup company. The company comprises Koshigaya, the president Kouji Shigemoto, Kaede Midorikawa, and magic engineer Kazuo Nikoyama.

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