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Love, Victor Season 2 in the Making, More Info

From its wonderful music to heart-touching life lessons, Love, Victor had taken over American web TV with its charm and, of course, love.

Love, Victor could possibly have another season in the making. It may not be official yet but one of the show’s executive producers has teased the idea. Within days of the Love, Simon spin-off coming to Hulu, EP Brian Tennen spoke to DigitalSpy about his plans for Love, Victor.

Watch the trailer here-

Love, Victor - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original
Love, Victor Trailer

“Our wish list is: yes, to continue seeing characters from the film [Love, Simon]. These are actors in demand, and so you never quite know what’s going to be possible. But we are optimistic, and we love the idea of seeing more — especially the teenagers,” Brian told DigitalSpy.

Love, Victor expands on the universe of Love, Simon. The romantic dramedy has an awkward teen Victor at its center as he adjustable to a new city, troubles at home and coming to terms with his own sexuality.

Overwhelmed with the constant changes in his life, Victor approaches Simon for help.

Apart from Michael Cimino playing Victor, the series also stars Rachel Naomi Hilson, Ana Ortiz, Anthony Turpel, George Sear, Mason Gooding, Bebe Wood, Isabella Ferreira, and Mateo Fernandez. 

Love, Victor Season-2 Coming Soon
Love, Victor | Source: Hulu

Although Brian or Hulu did not give an official announcement, Brian did say, “It’s just so wonderful to think about them out there, living their post-high school lives, seeing what they’re doing, and seeing what relationships they’re in.”

The series has received a good response from audiences with an 8.3 rating from over a thousand ratings. All this within 4 days of its premiere on Hulu.

Meanwhile, criticism is not far behind either. Both Love, Victor and its parent production Love, Simon have been accused of glorifying white gayness more than its palatable. In other words, it may be digging deeper into the queer experience except in very limited ways.

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