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Before you dismiss the series for its name and move on, hold on that click and read it out loud, Love is one of the most imperfectly perfect series on Netflix that portrays the complications of romance and emotions in the best way possible.

Love is a 10-part Netflix series that follows the slow-developing relationship between Gus and Mickey, as well as the assorted oddballs that surround them. As the title suggests, this is a long, slow-motion deconstruction of how a relationship can evolve. Amidst a relationship mired with setbacks and detours, and a strong sense of L.A. as a backdrop with a dig on the entertainment industry, the ruthlessness and acceptance of love is still central. The show depicts that most complex yet most simple human emotion on screen with ease, making you relate to the story. But they don’t promise a happy ending, which makes the sadistic comedy at times a nerve-wracking experience. Perhaps that’s because the show remains firmly grounded in the real world, where happy endings are rarely a guarantee.

It’s not a show about fundamentally happy people, but it wears it on its sleeve — as well as the fact that while the title might be “Love,” love is not the solution to these characters’ problems. However, love is there. Right on the screen, just not in the form you imagine (real-life much?)

Love is not without flaws, the pacing of the episodes gets to you at times and the will-they-won’t-they narrative forces you to the brink of opting out. But just before you do, something happens and you are left with what is fast becoming basic speak – ‘just one more episode’. As imperfect as the series may be, in its best moments Love insightfully captures something elusive: the scary moment when reckless habit gives way to the problem. And the moment when it becomes frighteningly apparent that no sudden maturity, no external luck, epiphany, or turn of fate, will pluck you out of a bad routine. The leads of Love are not idols, they are humans. They are vulnerable and their flaws make them engaging enough to invest in. Love traverses some rarer stuff in intriguingly idiosyncratic ways. It’s a show for all the lost souls in the world. So while you make faces over all the romance present in the world, be open and accept this Love into your binge list. This one won’t disappoint.

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