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Love and Life are Hilariously Mixed-Up in Fall 2022 Anime, A Couple Of Cuckoos’, New Trailer

Switched babies at birth and arranged marriages are tropes that should not work in the 21st century. However, A Couple of Cuckoos adapts the tropes through its rom-com genre.

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Who knew that such age-old cliches could support each other so well?

Nagi and Erika have been switched at birth. However, before they could even meet their biological parents, they became entangled with each other.

They are not the most easy-going couple around, but the pure absurdity of the situation is sure to make you giggle.

A Couple of Cuckoos’ anime adaptation will premiere in 2022. A brand-new trailer is out for the upcoming anime!

The first PV of the TV anime “A Couple of Cuckoo”

The trailer begins by showing how Nagi and Erika are a pretend couple. Of course, Nagi was forced into this one-sided deal, but little did they know that their engagement was already fixed!

As this cute couple was switched at birth, the upcoming anime will be one hell of awkward and sweet chaos. Erika, the teen SNS celebrity, and Nagi, the introverted bookish guy, are total opposites of each other!

A cute new visual has also been revealed for the upcoming anime!

Erika and Nagi are seen awkwardly posing for pictures together. Life sure isn’t easy when you have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend when you are total strangers in reality.

The main cast of the anime are revealed to be:

CharacterCastOther Works
Nagi UminoKaito IshikawaTobio Kageyama (Haikyu!!)
Erika AmanoAkari KitoNezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)

A Couple of Cuckoos is being animated by Shin-Ei Animation and Synergy SP. Its main staff members are quite the pros:

PositionStaffOther Works
Chief DirectorHiroaki AkagiThose Snow White Notes
DirectorYoshiyuki ShirahataGreat Pretender
Series ScriptYasuhiro NakanishiKaguya-sama: Love is War
Character DesignAya TakanoPolar Bear’s Cafe
Love and Life are Hilariously Mixed Up in Fall 2022 anime, A Couple of Cuckoos’, New Trailer
A Couple of Cuckoos | Source: Fandom

A Couple of Cukoos’ mangaka, Miki Yoshiwara, is also the original creator of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches.

The original manga of the upcoming anime is both funny and sweet, and we hope that the anime can bring these moments back to life!

About A Couple of Cuckoos

A Couple of Cuckoos or Cuckoo’s Fiance is a manga by Miki Yoshiwara. It was launched in January 2020 in the Weekly Shounen Magazine.

Nagi and Erika were switched at birth and never knew their real parents. On the day that Nagi was supposed to meet his natural parents, he encounters Erika and is roped into helping her out of an arranged marriage.

Both of them pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend only to realize later that they are actually fated to marry each other.

Source: Official website of A Couple of Cuckoos

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