Netflix Surprises Fans With Sudden Reveal of ‘Lookism’ Anime

As a rookie weeb, ‘Lookism’ was one of my first webtoons. Whether it is romance, drama, comedy, or action, there’s not a single genre that this series skips. So now that it’s anime adaptation is confirmed, I can barely keep still.

It begins by following the life of an ugly fat guy, Daniel Park, who has been bullied all his life. No matter how much he wants to escape his wretched life, misfortune follows him, that is, until he wakes up one day to find he has transformed into a tall and handsome guy.

Usually, Netflix announces an anime way before its release date, and we even receive multiple trailers and visuals, which builds up anticipation among fans. Surprisingly, there was next to no information leak on ‘Lookism,’ and Netflix revealed its details just a month before its anime debut.

Popular South Korean webtoon, ‘Lookism’ by author Park Tae-joon will stream its anime adaptation on Netflix from November 4, 2022. It is still unclear how many episodes will be released.

No anime news is complete without a trailer to show for it. In the latest video for the anime, you can check out Daniel’s old and new bodies.

Lookism | Official Teaser | Netflix Anime
Lookism | Official Teaser | Netflix Anime

The video is in Korean, along with English subtitles. I admit I’m quite excited about watching a webtoon anime in Korean since all webtoon anime adaptations have been in Japanese so far.

You can see how looks can change the way the world treats you. In his original body, Daniel Park was a nobody, but after his transformation, he will be treated like a God in comparison.

Studio Mir is animating the series and is popular for working on ‘Dota: Dragon’s Blood,’ ‘Harley Quinn,’ and more.

Now and again, the anime will ask the same question, are looks the only things that matter? While Daniel’s life will significantly change after his transformation, he still wants to find someone who will be with him despite his actual body.

How many more miracles are stored in this new and enhanced body? Will anyone find out his identity? More importantly, what if Daniel isn’t the only one with two bodies?

About Lookism

Lookism is a South Korean manhwa by author Park Tae Joon. It is published on Naver, LINE Webtoon, and other services. It started out in 2019 and is still ongoing.

Netflix will stream an anime adaptation of the series in November 2022. It is about a high school student, Daniel Park, who is a fat and ugly student who gets frequently bullied. One day he wakes up in another body that is so handsome that he realizes how looks matter.

He tries to keep his two bodies a secret and navigate through school life but not without getting involved in a ton of problems.

Source: Netflix

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