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New Teaser Previews Theme Song for “Lonely Castle in the Mirror” Film

For all those who have grown up watching Peter Pan and Narnia, an escape to an alternate world is a tantalizing option. If you do find such a genre attractive, then “Lonely Castle in the Mirror” is the next film you should hit up.

This upcoming anime film stems from a girl’s struggle to break free from bullying. In an attempt to isolate herself, she finds a way to another world through a mirror. In this new world, she might not be as out of place as in the real world.

“Lonely Castle in the Mirror” is a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura that will receive an anime film adaptation by Studio A-1 Pictures. The movie will premiere in Japanese theaters on December 23, 2022.

Check out the latest trailer, which shows the grand journey that seven misfit teenagers will be taken on:

Trailer of the movie “Kagami no Kojo” [December 23 (Friday) nationwide release]

The trailer begins with a scene with Kokoro, the protagonist, is sucked into a middle-aged western castle via her mirror. She meets a girl wearing a wolf mask who informs her that she and six other teenagers must follow clues to enter a room where one of them will be granted a wish.

All of them begin their search for the room’s key, but the wolf-girl declares that they won’t remember the place once the wish has been granted.

The teaser video also previews the movie’s theme song, “Merry-Go-Round” by Yuuri. A new visual artfully shows Kokoro and her to-be friends through a mirror in her room.

New Teaser Previews Theme Song for “Lonely Castle in the Mirror” Film
Lonely Castle in the Mirror Visual | Source: Official Website

“Lonely Castle in the Mirror” deals with sensitive issues like bullying and the neverending quest of teenagers to fit into their surroundings.

New Teaser Previews Theme Song for “Lonely Castle in the Mirror” Film
Kokoro and Others | Source: Official Website

Kokoro ultimately steps in the middle of misfits just like her and tries to figure out her place. She is addressed blatantly as “Kokoro” or respectfully as “Kokoro-san,” but what she ultimately wants to hear is a sense of belonging as “Kokoro-chan.”

About Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura that received an anime movie adaptation in 2022.

The plot revolves around seven teenagers who avoid going to school. They enter a parallel universe where a castle welcomes them. They need to find a specific room where a wish of one of them will be fulfilled. If they want to get out of the castle alive, they need to leave every day by 5 pm or risk getting punished.

Source: Official Website

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