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Keiichi Hara to Direct the ‘Lonely Castle in the Mirror’ Film

Imagine if Disney made a psychological thriller with survival as the main theme. Mizuki Tsujimura is the madman behind such a vision which he portrayed in his novel, Lonely Castle in the Mirror.

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It is set in a mysterious castle in the mirror world where six ordinary teenagers fight to find a hidden room. The prize? An ultimate wish.

Due to its underrated status, fans were thrilled when the series received an anime film adaptation. This excitement went up a notch when the franchise revealed its director.

Keiichi Hara will be directing the Lonely Castle in the Mirror anime film at A1 Pictures. The film is slated to debut during this year’s fourth quarter or winter 2022.

映画『かがみの孤城』超特報映像【2022年冬 全国公開】
Movie “Kagami no Kojo” Super Special Video [Winter 2022 National Release]

Keep an eye out on July 28, as the franchise will be revealing more information related to the film that day.

For now, the film’s official website has given us a teaser that debuts the main character’s voice for the first time. Although, the cast has not been revealed yet.

The teaser features the protagonist’s monologue that indicates that she is unsatisfied with her life because why else would she go through a mirror into a magical dimension?

Moreover, we get a mesmerizing glimpse of the castle in the middle of an ocean. The castle looks beautiful with a hint of creepy in it.

Keiichi Hara is famous for his work in shows like Doraemon and Shin-chan. These two shows are far from a psychological thriller, but the film has a child-like essence, making Hara the perfect choice.

Keiichi Hara Gets On Board to Direct 'Lonely Castle in the Mirror' Film
Lonely Castle in the Mirror (COVER) | Source: Crunchyroll

Moreover, A1 Pictures has worked on several popular anime series, so I have no doubts about Lonely Castle in the Mirror being a huge success.

About Lonely Castle in the Mirror

Lonely Castle in the Mirror is a novel by Mizuki Tsujimura that received an anime movie adaptation in 2022.

The plot revolves around seven teenagers who avoid going to school. They enter a parallel universe where a castle welcomes them. They need to find a specific room where a wish of one of them will be fulfilled. If they want to get out of the castle alive, they need to leave every day by 5 pm or risk getting punished.

Source: Lonely Castle in the Mirror Anime’s Official Website

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