Lone Star Law: Discovery Channel Series Premieres This Week

Another installment of the Lone Star Law series to premiere this week on Discovery.

Discovery has set the premiere of “Lone Star Law: Patrol and Protect” for December 29 2020 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Lone Star Law premiere date
Lone Star Law

The show follows the game wardens of Texas parks and wildlife department as they patrol over 250,000 sq. miles of woods, deserts, lakes, plains, and coasts and encounter the dangerous situations faced by the wildlife and citizens alike.

The Game wardens of Texas have been protecting the state’s wildlife and a population of around 27 million citizens since 1895.

“The saying is true: Everything is bigger in Texas, even the jobs of Texas game wardens,” Discovery wrote in a press release. The Texas game wardens have their hands full all the time.

They have to rush to action at a moment’s notice, where they deal with things like preventing illegal smuggling along the Gulf of Mexico, save victims, if any, and protect wildlife.

Discovery also teased some of the stories from the upcoming episodes.

“Among other stories on LONE STAR LAW: PATROL AND PROTECT this season, Game Warden Jennifer Provaznik, while patrolling fishermen, finds a man potentially breaking several laws with hundreds of fish by the side of the road,” wrote Discovery.

“…Game Warden Ashton Gulczewski participates in an early morning operation to catch illegal night shrimpers; Game Warden Ben Bailey is investigating an abandoned boat but finds a slew of poached birds instead. He was looking for a missing person but now is on the hunt for a pelican poacher hiding out;

“Game Wardens Mallory Mitchell and Jeremy Lindsey intervene when an overloaded boat puts lives at risk; Game Warden Kyle Hendley helps relocate a venomous rattlesnake; and Game Warden Mike Boone helps to transport Covid-19 samples around the state during this year’s pandemic.” These were a few of the many stories the viewers will get to see.

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About Lone Star Law

Lone Star Law is an American Reality Television show that premiered on June 2, 2016, on Animal Planet, a television channel owned by Discovery Inc. It is produced for the franchise by Engel Entertainment.

The show is set in Texas, and much like its sister series North Woods Law, it follows various Game wardens of Texas’ parks and wildlife department.

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