Loki Episode 4: Release Date, Speculation and Watch Online

Loki episode 3, titled “Laminitis,” has been released this week.

Tom Hiddleston teased Loki episode 4, saying that it takes the Marvel show in an entirely new direction. With the MCU’s latest Disney+ series hitting the halfway mark on Wednesday, time is running out for Loki.

Episodes 4 and 5 are going to be a truly wild ride, with Hiddleston insisting viewers “buckle up” for the events to come.

In this episode, Loki and Sylvie get into TVA, as Sylvie extracts the information about TVA through C20. While fighting to Ravonna, they are transported to Laminitis. Loki and Sylvie struggle to get out of the place.

1. Episode 4 Speculations and Discussions

Marvel’s Loki episode 3 takes you to a different planet and focuses more on building a working relationship between the two variants, and sets up some intriguing possibilities for where the show goes with Loki episode 4.

Episode by episode, we realize everything that was told to us in Loki about TVA is invalid. Loki suspected right, and the TVA might have to face the harsh truth in the coming Loki Episode 4.

No promo, synopsis, or details have been revealed about the Loki episode 4.

So, according to our prediction, from what we saw in Loki Episode 3, the episode might focus more on what was up with Loki and Sylvie as they get to know each other and find their way out of the TVA miss.

Furthermore, they both were determined to find out the secrets of TVA and Time Keepers.

We might see more TVA’s side in the next episode, their motives and reactions after losing Loki. Especially the backlash Mobius may face for trusting Loki and leaving him off the hook.

Loki Episode 4 Update
Sylvie and Loki

Apart from that, Loki and Sylvie’s hunt for recharging Tempad might carry on unless the TVA makes their presence felt. It would be worth seeing when Loki reveals to them about their origins that he heard from Sylvie.

The fact that they are working under a false truth is something about to drive them insane.

2. Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 of the Loki series will release on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. The episode title or preview has not been shown. 

I. Is Loki on Break This Week?

No, Loki is not on break this week. Episode 4 will air as scheduled. No such delays have been announced yet.

3. Recap of Episode 3

Previously on Loki, we opened up Sylvie’s enchanting powers as she tried to get C-20 to talk about Time Keepers. Sylvie is taken to the time C-20 was human on the earth. She tries to befriend her in a memory that never existed.

Coming back to reality, we see Sylvie invading the TVA, fighting the guards off. Loki follows her, trying to talk her down before Ravonna arrives with enforcements. This leads Loki to use the Tempad one last time before its battery runs out.

This takes Loki and Sylvie to Laminitis-1 in 2077. Sylvie lets Loki realize that she is a variant of Loki but decided to adopt another alias.

They come across a woman waiting for death who directs them to where everyone is headed – The evacuation through the train. Loki and Sylvie manage to get inside the train and finally open up to each other. We also learn that he is bisexual.

Loki Episode 4 Updates

Since Loki is out of his disguise, the guards question them and eventually throw them out. Loki plans to board the ARK just before it takes off.

She explains her powers by giving an example of C-20 and reveals her human life before joining TVA. This revelation leaves Loki in shock. Although Loki and Sylvie make it to ARK, it’s about to go down in pieces to end the episode.

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4. About Loki

Loki is an American TV series created by Michael Waldron for Disney+ and Marvel. It is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name and is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with events of the series taking place after Avengers: Endgame.

Tom Hiddleston reprises his role as Loki along side new faces like Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Sophia Di Martino, Richard E. Grant, Sasha Lane, Eugene Cordero and Erika Coleman.

After stealing the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, Loki is apprehended by the mysterious Time Variance Authority (TVA) and their Time-Keepers. Loki is given a choice between fixing all the timelines he broke with the Tesseract and death at the hands of the TVA.

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