All One-Handed Swords in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and their Location

For a long time, players had to painfully watch enemies wield one-handed swords in AC Valhalla while they relied on bulky greatswords that took ages to swing. Thankfully, Ubisoft empathized with this injustice and introduced six Short Swords to the game under The Siege of Paris DLC.

Note: One-handed Swords are known as Short swords in AC Valhalla.

The six Short Swords available in AC: Valhalla are Egbert, Ring Sword, Durendal, Joyeuse, Ulfberht, and Coil Sword.

Each sword is obtainable in a unique manner as some will make you explore Francia and fight challenges, while others can be purchased from the store.

If you are on a journey to collect all these airy one-handed swords, our guide is here to help you every step of the way.

1. How to obtain Egbert in AC Valhalla?

Location of Egbert
Egbert in AC Valhalla

To get the Egbert in AC Valhalla, complete the “Ulfberht’s trial” event that takes place in the south-eastern part of Francia below Blihaut in the Melunois region.

Here, you will have to interact with a Norse thief and choose one of the three dialogue options to determine the conclusion of your discussion. The three choices available are:

Interact with a Norse Thief
  • Talk him into giving you the sword (requires Charisma level 2)
  • Pay him 3000 coins
  • Fight him

The first option will make Eivor resort to smooth-talking and charm the thief into giving the sword to you peacefully. 

The only caveat involved here is that Charisma level 2 is required to cajole the robber. If you have actively been participating in flyting, you need not worry as it significantly boosts your Charisma. 

Players with low Charisma can look into the other two options and choose the most suitable one.

If you choose the second option, you will have to pay 3000 coins to a robber to get your hands on a stolen sword. If you ask me, it makes sense to pay a shopkeeper, but a robber? No way.

Why spend your precious coins on a thief when you can battle it out? To do so, select the third option where Eivor will fight the mugger for the sword.

Called Bo, this thief is no dime a dozen. He’s a mini-boss who packs some exceptional special abilities like the flash grenade. The trick to beating him is maintaining your distance and utilizing ranged attacks.

Once Bo kicks the bucket, you will get the Egbert. Here are the stats and perks that this one-handed sword will offer:

Egbert Stats in AC Valhalla
Critical Chance103
PerksIncreases Stun after each hit (up to 10 times)

Egbert: One of the legendary Ulfberht swords, forged by an unknown master to have a blade sharper, stronger, and more flexible than other swords.

2. How to obtain Ring-Sword in AC Valhalla?

Win a Dace Against Pigs

You can get Ring-Sword in AC Valhalla by completing the ‘Skal!’ quest belonging to The Siege of Paris’ main storyline. Here, you will have to participate in festivities and win a race against pigs to receive this one-handed sword as a reward. 

This mission will be automatically assigned when you approach the DLC’s end, so there is no way you can miss it. All you have to do is interact with Toka to start the race. 


On top of this, the race is so uncomplicated that you can win with closed eyes.

The only con is that Ring-Sword is unlockable when you reach the latter stages of The Siege of Paris, so you will have to do without this melee weapon for the most part of your French adventures.

However, once you do obtain it, these are the stats that Ring-Sword comes equipped with:

Ring-Sword in AC Valhalla
Critical Chance100
PerksIncrease Critical Chance when dodging

Ring-Sword: The sword which belonged to Bane of Norsemen Louis the Younger, King of Saxony.

3. How to obtain Durendal in AC Valhalla?

Durendal Location in AC Valhalla
Break the Well and Jump Into it
Loot the Chest to Get Durendal

To get Durendal short sword in AC Valhalla, you will have to loot a chest in Aquila that is situated in Evresin to the south of Evreux. Once you reach the location, look for a breakable well and jump into it to find the chest.

Here is all you need to know about the caliber of this one-handed melee weapon:

Critical Chance104
PerksIncrease Critical Chance when dodging

Durendal: The famed sword of Roland, Charlemagne’s legendary military governor. Said to be indestructible and capable of cutting through boulders.

4. How to obtain Joyeuse in AC Valhalla?

Loot the Chest inside the Lutetia Bureau in Paris

Joyeuse can be received from a chest that’s found inside the Lutetia Bureau in Paris. To access this place, you will have to solve the Hidden Ones Bureau questline by finding three keys spread across different Ruins in Francia. 

The quest starts when you head to Sigfred’s forward camp and read the letter on the table from Pierre. From here, you will have to discover three separate ruins to obtain the key. 

The three different ruins you need to get to for the keys are:

I. The Champlieu Ruins

The Champlieu Ruins

II. The Gisacum Ruins

The Gisacum Ruins

III. The Diodurum Ruins

The Diodurum Ruins

Once acquired, unlock and enter the Lutetia Bureau in Paris. It’s situated to the northwest of the Paris fast travel point and west of the Boatmen Baths Tavern. Also, don’t worry about getting lost because a waypoint on the map will lead you there.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will find a handful of rats and snakes inside, so deal with them and open the gold chest to get Joyeuse short sword.

By far, Joyeuse is the fanciest one-handed sword in AC Valhalla. Not only will it let you kill foes but also look elegant at the same time.

Here are the stats that Joyeuse puts on the table:

Stats of Joyeuse in AC Valhalla
Critical Chance100
PerksPoison your Weapon after 5 successive Heavy hits

Joyeuse: The legendary sword of Charlemagne, with a hilt of gold and precious gems. Forged from the same metal as Roland’s Durendal, it is said to contain within its pommel the head of the lance that pierced Christ’s side.

5. How to obtain Ulfberht in AC Valhalla?

Defeat the Champion

Players can receive the Ulfberht short sword in AC Valhalla by finding and defeating the champion and his two captains at River Rhine as part of the Ulfberht Sword River Raids quest.

Remember that the captain can only be lured out when the two captains are dead. So you will have to make the most of Odin’s Sight and spot these enemies at military locations. 

Too tough a job, right? Don’t worry. I have provided you with the pinpoint location of the captains, so all you have to do is make them bite the dust.

The first captain can be found at Fort Ehrenfels, northwest of River Rhine. It’s going to be a fairly straightforward fight, so you shouldn’t worry too much about beating him.

First Captain Location
First Captain

To get to the second captain, you will have to go to Katzenelnbogen, south of River Rhine, and eliminate him.

Location of Second Captain
Second Captain

Once both captains are dead, you have to find and kill the champion.

Champion Location

The champion can be found in the Ferrieres monastery, east of Rhine. Since Ferrieres is a very well guarded settlement, be on your toes all the time as foes can attack you from anywhere.

Ferrieres Monastery

Once you get to the monastery, go inside it through the front door to find the boss waiting for you. All you have to do is eliminate him to receive the Ulfberht short sword in AC Valhalla.

Here is all you need to know about it:

Stats of Ulfberht in AC Valhalla
Critical Chance104.5
PerksIncrease Critical Chance & Critical Damage when parrying

Ulfberht Sword: Forged in Rhineland and prized for centuries to come

6. How to obtain Coil Sword in AC Valhalla?

Purchased from the Jormungandr Pack

The Coil Sword can be purchased from the Jormungandr Pack available through the in-game Ubisoft store of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for 2000 Helix Credits. 

Unfortunately, it is impossible to claim this short sword in the game by completing some challenging quests, solving mysteries, or exploring every nook and cranny of the vast Viking world!

To purchase the Coil sword, follow these steps:

  • Open the Main Menu while playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
  • Go to Store, and open the Packs section.
  • Find the Jormungandr Pack and buy it.

Here is all you need to know about this one-handed sword’s merit:

Stats of Coil Sword in AC Valhalla
Critical Chance97
PerksIncrease Damage taken by 5%. Increase Melee damage when equipped.

Coil Sword: A vicious blade that cuts deep and strikes as swift as a coiled serpent in the right hands. Be careful when wielding it.

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